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Bagrat Kudzievi



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    Yes the evidence presented by the woman herself.

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    Well, there's this:

    Within ten minutes she was leaving with Kudzievi and was on the street outside engaged in “the most intimate of acts”, Justice Burns said. She said that this was interrupted by women who were passing by.

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    Oh yes, that was the only evidence collected by Gardai was it?

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    Doesn't say anything about oral sex. So I'm wondering where that came from exactly?

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    The report states that two women were "shouting at him".

    How do we know that it's him, and not both of them? What were they "shouting"; was it anger at him (and if so, what did they specifically say?) or vocalising how shocked they were this was taking place (which would explain why they decided to film it, instead).

    They both left the venue together and immediately engaged in sexual acts (oral or otherwise).

    He was intoxicated, too. Yet he is determined by the judge to have been perfectly lucid.

    These are complex cases, especially when alcohol / intoxication is involved in both cases. I don't to claim to have all the answers, but neither should you.

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    There are some cases where alcohol is involved, that are difficult, they don't tend to end up in court, this is not one.

    Perhaps posters talking about oral sex should think about it a bit. This man has been convicted of 2 charges of sexual assault. At no stage was there any suggestion that consent was given for any sexual activity.

    Perhaps that clears it up? There was no oral sex. Just sexual assault.

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    I'm nearly sure I read about her giving him oral aswell. But as you say, he said she said cases are rarely if ever prosecuted, this isn't one of them due to the numerous witnesses that were around.

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    She is being named publicly because she waived her right to anonymity.

    She doesn't need to "save her reputation" because the jury unanimously found him guilty after reviewing all of the evidence, most of which you are either ignoring or you are not aware of.

    Heaven forbid if you ever have any daughters with a disgraceful, victim-blaming attitude like that.

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    Ah c'mon lads. Who among us hasn't engaged in a sexual act outdoors with an intoxicated woman we just met that night? And when interrupted, then picked her up and carried her off to another outdoor location for a bit more outdoor sexual activity?

    Glass houses, stones and all that.

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    "The court heard that CCTV showed Rachel falling inside the venue and struggling to walk outside the nightclub."

    Having sex with someone who can't stand up is grand in your book?

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    What is with you and demanding links to evidence of a trial?

    Until you have seen the videos yourself, you're going to think this scumbag was hard done by?


    EDIT: Second time in a few weeks you have entered a thread about a woman being sexually assaulted and your take is to suggest there is nothing to see here, and the first one was where the guy actually pled guilty!

    What is your problem with women who are victims of sexual assault and your desire to downplay what happened, just because you aren't in court to see the evidence yourself?

    Now you want to see videos of a woman being sexually assaulted so you can find other ways to defend scummy bastards? It's so weird. Even a few of those who were questioning this verdict have backed off coming to their senses that maybe, just maybe there was something sinister here.

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    Don’t misquote me please, I never said that.

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,339 ✭✭✭✭ Faugheen

    I didn't misquote you. You said:

    "Still waiting for someone to post a link to these promising videos which could clear up some of the disagreement on thread."

    You have suggested that there was nothing to see here and questioned the verdict, now you're demanding links to videos showing a woman being sexually assaulted and being a smart arse about it in the process.

    You know there are no links, and you will use that to 'raise questions' about the verdict of a trial you weren't in attendance for and, therefore, you have no idea about the evidence that was presented to the jury.

    Don't even attempt to dress this up any other way than what it is. You have form for this and the people here with a bit of common sense can see you for what you are.

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    Those women can count themselves very lucky that legislation which bans the sharing of videos like this weren’t in place two years ago.

    Now it is. So you’re asking someone to commit a crime.

    You can pretend to be interested for insightful reasons but you’re looking for a video of a man committing sexual assault (tried and convicted unanimously by a jury of his peers) and that, to me, is weird behaviour.

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    What can I say, I am a curious person. Judge me all you like, it won’t change a thing.

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    Perhaps, rather than trying to create an atmosphere where the perpetrators behaviour in this case is accepted, some posters should work on their social skills so that (relatively) sober girls might give them a chance.

    They shouldn't be depending on finding a drunk vulnerable girl and being allowed to take advantage of her in order to get a bit of "action"

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,339 ✭✭✭✭ Faugheen

    You’re curious enough to want someone to break the law so you can watch a video of someone being sexually assaulted?

    Like I said, weird behaviour, and judging by your posting history you’re a danger to women, especially ones who are victims of sexual assault.

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    Bizarre anyone would try to defend this guy.

    She was so drunk he had to carry her from one spot to another and he was not too drunk to be able to do this. Nothing more is needed he's very guilty.

    There are times I've seen reports that of cases where one would wonder is there an element of there being a prejudiced bias of women being victims and men perpetrators but this is certainly not such a case.

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    Of course you would claim that, because it fits your narrative. I don’t see anything wrong with my posts, but I am of course profoundly sorry that I upset you.

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    Her 'friends' should be ashamed of themselves for not looking after her better.

    Did the story not more or less say that it was her first night out as a college student? Not to excuse anyone, but the group might not have known each other really.

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    I doubt he would have to be that drunk for them to delay questioning him. The fact that he had alcohol taken at all might have meant that they hold off on questioning him lest whatever evidence is gathered would be subject to challenge.

    I'm not saying he wasn't drunk at all. I"m just saying that their decision to delay in questioning him doesn't necessarily mean he was totally twisted

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    It’s also somewhat unfair to put the blame on them, it’s hardly their job to mind someone who had a few too many. For all that’s known she might have wondered off while they weren’t watching for a few minutes.

  • Registered Users Posts: 16,121 ✭✭✭✭ Donald Trump

    Not if they were her actual supposed friends. One would reasonably expect that they might have some concern for her or be looking out for her should she get into difficulty.

    Sure what "blame" would you put on them anyway seeing as how you appear to think she was fair game for the predator. If you refuse to place any blame on him, how would you place any on them?

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    He was stated as being intoxicated but able to carry her across a bridge to a more secluded location where he was found by the club bouncers.It was stated he sat beside in the club knowing she was pissed.They talked and left the club.Sounds to me he took advntage.

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    I addressed this a few posts above. They apparently delayed their questioning of him. I'd imagine it was for practical reasons. So that they would eliminate the chance of him being able to challenge any evidence gathered during that questioning.

    The fact that the bouncers went looking for her should tell you something too. They obviously knew what your man was up to.

    I don't believe he was paralytic. He was also apparently an athlete and 26 or so at the time.

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    All true.I read a few posts at the top and then posted.No need to read the nonsense in between

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    Its not a case of Gardai choosing to wait. They couldn’t question him because he had drink in him and they had to wait.