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Veolia Heating/Communal Boiler

  • 02-12-2021 1:38pm
    Registered Users Posts: 136 ✭✭ Sparkling Gamorreans

    Does anyone here live in a development that has a communal heating/hot water boiler where the developer originally locked the development into a long term multi decade contract with Dalkie, who were later taken over by Veolia? I've bought in such a development and even during the low natural gas prices my bi monthly bills are never less than €100 with moderate hot water usage and no heat. There's three portions to your bill:

    • Your own usage
    • Network Heat charge (no of sq metres of your apartment x number of days x a fluctuating unit charge)
    • Standing charge - About €30 p.m. flat

    I can't figure out what this middle charge represents. I think it may be heating for the common area but it is always very high even during the summer. I can't figure out if they're gouging everyone or what exactly is going on. Did developers get kick backs to lock blocks into extortionate prices or what exactly is the story behind these arrangements? To compound the misery they have the most woeful customer service. DDs collected several months late, missed bills, irregular billing periods. Very poor setup.