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Sky News being added to Saorview



  • Scratch that - it was a glitch in my LG tuning. A re-tune set it to Channel 23.

  • Went live just now. It's the Irish feed.

  • Sky News (FTA) on satellite is 704 x 576

    Sky News on Saorview is 704 x 576

    Virgin Media One on Saorview is 544 x 576

  • There's something wrong with Sky News on Saorview - it's looking very blocky, almost like a relay of an internet stream.

  • Agreed. Although it is technically the same resolution as FTA satellite, it looks worse on Saorview (to my eyes anyway).

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  • Maybe it's my equipment but the ticker looks worse on the satellite feed (more blocky) compared to Saorview on my end.

  • It is definitely worse, it's darker and there is some video resampling issue.

    Side by side image...

    Blocky text on Saorview...

    OK on satellite...

  • Hopefully they'll fix the picture, it's very annoying.

  • I've gone back and forth between the two for a few minutes here. It almost looks like the Saorview feed is being received at a lower resolution and upscaled. I don't think it looks much better than the other SD channels despite the increased resolution. I still think it has less compression artefacts than the SD satellite feed but it's definitely darker and doesn't look quite right.

  • I’d say it’s downscaled from a HD feed, but whatever process Saorview are using is making it blocky.

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  • I have been comparing Sky News on Saorview with same channel on Freeview and PQ looks very similar. I have Sky News on satellite but it is HD not SD so can't really compare.

  • Yes it's SD 704x576 25i 16:9

    Average Bitrate varies 2007 ( 1507 - 2684)

    Audio in English only no surprise. Teletext subtitles on 888

    BTW at 23:59 last night there was a 2 minute program called Viewer Advisory with Info of : Sky News The transmitter frequency being used by your Television equipment will cease transmission on 3rd March 2020. To continue viewing Sorview please retune your Television before that date.

  • On my TV,the picture looking its super imposed onto the 2RN test card

    There is an interference bar running down it that looks like a rectangle of increased brightness

    Thats very sloppy

  • I can't see that on my side, is it along the edges?

    I was watching when the channel went live and it faded from the static Sky News logo to the live broadcast, it wasn't just a cut. Audio came first and then the video a few seconds later.

  • Here's another comparison. Same screengrab, top one from Saorview bottom from FTA satellite. Same equipment used in both. The resolution is also the same.

    The text and logo on the Saorview version has jagged edges and is clearly darker. There is definitely some problem with encoding or downscaling the image for Saorview.


    FTA satellite:

  • It's watchable but the quality isn't great, whatever rescaling process they're using is bad

  • Has anyone reported it to 2RN? Might be something they could look into.

  • When I looked at the Sky News logo on the ticker on the bottom left; it looks pixelated. On the Irish version of Sky News on FTA Satellite; the logo looks fine on the ticker.

    What a disappointment looking at it from my setup.

  • I have contacted Saorview and 2RN. Suggest others do the same while it's a fresh issue - otherwise we could be looking at this for years!

    They made a resolution change this morning and could have missed something I suppose.

  • Its a brightness the length of the screen like a bar running down the screen top to bottom in a repeating loop

    Its definitely a fault and not on the sat version

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  • I'm not near a TV now but it sounds like 50Hz mains hum. The very slight difference between 50Hz of the ESB electrical supply and the 50Hz refresh of the picture causes it to slowly drift up or down. It could be an issue with your own TV, have you seen it on another TV?

    BTW unrelated question - how much of a delay is there going from FTA satellite to Saorview for Sky News Ireland?

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  • It was a bit glitchy for the first hour and kept dropping back. At one stage it was about 3 or 4 seconds behind satellite but it's less than a second now.

  • It's handy being beside RTE Radio One.

    The quality of the picture is not really an issue for me watching news programming, if it was a movie I'd want better.

  • The effect is on all tv's and only sky news saorview

  • Ahhh... do you mean this?

    This is part of the Sky News graphic design. It's meant to be there. It moves from top to bottom slowly during some screens as shown below.

  • Bit of a chunk of the picture is also cut off at the top

  • Just had a quick look, not bad its 704 x 576, better than 544 x 576.

  • The picture looks as if it's being put through some unnecessary extra layer of processing with the resulting effect of line-shifting. Like a photocopy of a photocopy.

    I can get a better picture from my 20-year old satellite receiver.

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  • Just had a look at it, it's not bad, I've seen worse, like Virgin Media channels, if that edging could be fixed on the text, it would be OK for standard definition.