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Pen Knife Repairs

  • 17-11-2021 12:17pm
    Registered Users Posts: 427 ✭✭ Shutuplaura

    I inherited a penknife from my uncle. Its not particularly expensive but has some sentimental value. I suspect he had it from his childhood so its an unbranded but was possibly hand made by his own father, a Sheffield little its not possible to check with a manufacturer.

    Its not stainless steel so its a bit pitted, and there is some rust. I can open it but only with a tool. I'd really like to have it cleaned and possibly fixed if there is anything wrong with it. Is there any such place in Dublin that people would recommend? I could chance doing it myself but don't have the tools and really don't want to damage it making a half arsed attempt to fix it.

    Many thanks.


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    Apologies for the late reply but if you haven't had this repaired yet I think a jeweller may be a good place to start. Alternatively, you could try whichever one of these is local to you. I'd call ahead first.....