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Crimea campaign medal?

  • 08-11-2021 9:15am
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    This medal has been in the house for decades. It is not, as far as I know family related, I think my Grandfather or father may have found it years ago. Probably Cork related. On the edge is the solider details "Cpl John Sullivan Royal Regiment" and a number.

    How can I track down (online preferably) the history and details of John Sullivan? Or can anybody enlighten me with any details?

    Thanks Mav


  • Registered Users Posts: 7,659 ✭✭✭ corner of hells

    That is a Turkish Crimea War medal issued for a campaign fought between1854 and 1856 to survivors of the campaign.

    About 100000 we're issued to UK survivors.They were issued un-named however some soldiers got their names inscribed on them.

    I'm not sure how you'd trace the soldiers details particularly if you bear in mind how old the medal is and Sullivan being a common name.

    I'd Google regiments that fought in the Crimean war and that might be a starting point for you.

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    Thanks Corner of Hells. I tried the Googling to no avail, it seems that individual service numbers were not regularised until WWW1 and as you say Sullivan is a common enough name.