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Oven Calibration.

  • 24-10-2021 5:29pm
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    Have an electric Miele oven and am curious about oven temps.

    Whipped a thermometer off my Weber Smokey Mountain (it's an additional one I bought that fits in the side rubber grommet) and, after a bit of research, plopped it down on the oven rack, mid oven. Thermometer almost at dial set temp but need to do it a few more times. Critical for baking. Thinking that some bakes are coming out a tad under done.......but that is easily overcome, I reckon, by leaving bakes in longer or tweaking the temp up a bit.

    Anyone trust the dial temp on electric oven implicitly?


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    No I don't in general, every oven behaves slightly differently so it's a matter of getting to know your oven. I used to use a thermometer but now don't bother with that as I know that if say a recipe says bake at 170 fan I'll go a smidge below that as my oven runs a bit on the hotter side. Oddly enough I go higher for high temp items, bread for example if recipe says 190 I'll do 200 but turn down a bit after it has risen.

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    Yeah every oven is different, my top oven runs cold and my bottom oven runs hot, whatever way the air is flowing or heat spreading things in the front right brown quicker in top and things in the front left brown quicker in bottom so rotating is crucial for me.

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    I used one of these in ovens before and the temp of the oven was 10-15c out from the reading on the thermometer. That was in ovens in rental properties with the old style twist knobs where you cant truly tell the setting as its just marked in increments like 180c, 220c, etc.

    My current oven is digital so can set it to increments of 5c I calibrated it with the above and it was pretty accurate so I took the thermometer out of the oven permanently. I still have it buried in a press somewhere so I should really throw it back into the oven for a few weeks to see how accurate the oven is on temperatures after three years of use.

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    My oven does eventually reach the correct temperature as verified by a thermometer, but when it's heating up, it falsely claims it's up to temperature long before that. I've learnt to compensate for things that are only in for a short time by adding 10 degrees, but keeping the set temperature the same for things that may be in for an hour or more.

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    Yeah.....thanks guys n gals.....newish oven, first electric oven but getting the hang of it re: temps.

    You know when a bake comes out a tad undercooked. Trial and error it is then.

    Or maybe (confession here 😶) it was Baking Powder was expired in 2019....didn't help recently with two batches of scones. 😯

    Funny that, because my breads were coming out fine (yeast).

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    As important as knowing the actual temp is knowing where hot/cold spots are too. My oven runs hotter on the right than the left so as Tails142 says, you need to rotate to compensate for that.