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Minimalist On Bike storage solutions

  • 23-10-2021 7:53pm
    Registered Users Posts: 664 ✭✭✭ gn3dr

    This is a first world problem I know but - is there anyone else on here that has a little bit of obsession about trying to minimise the storage of tools etc. on the bike or at least make it look minimal.

    It's kind of bugging me a bit these days. I know the solution for some is no saddle bag and put the stuff in your pocket but pockets full of stuff bothers me too.

    I bought a Silca tool roll on here recently and while that was an improvement on my previous saddle bag it's still probably bigger than I'd like

    So I bought a few cheap Velcro, elastic and rubber mounted Zefal C02 cartridge mounts and pump mounts used the around the frame.

    Like this

    I was also considering using a tool storage fake bottle but was slow to lose the second drink bottle especially in summer.

    I bought a cheap one but haven't used it yet.

    Looking around Instagram tonight I came across this dual chamber bottle which is kind of interesting I might try one of these.

    And then there are the in bike tool storage solutions such as this where the tools are stored inside the bars (my Ritchey bars are the wrong shape though and these tools are also $$$)

    I've seen some other smart little solutions also such as one where the C02 cartridges are stored in a holder inside the crank set hollow axle.

    If I had a 3D printer I think I'd be trying all kinds of alternative holders and compartments

    (Sorry pics are all sideways - don't know how to rotate them)

    So are there other ideas out there or is this juts a lone obsession

    Or does everyone just have a normal saddle bag ?