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Gardai & Cycling

  • 23-10-2021 7:28pm
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    id be interested to know really what is the attitude of Gardai, Gardai of all ranks to cyclists who are breaking the road traffic laws... specifically going through red lights.

    im on the road just 100-120 kilometers weekly and cyclists breaking red lights is an absolute fûcking epidemic in and suburbs...more then ever.

    i witnessed an incident at the lights before Clontarf Garda station this week where an elderly lady and her dog attempting to cross the road with a green light were about a foot away from being ploughing into by a cyclist on a red who never even slowed down... he must have been doing about 15-20 kmh and she was visibly shaken for a moment....timing was all that saved them from being hit..

    is there actually any proactive enforcement ever done regarding cyclists who are breaking lights ? Are Gardai just focusing on the big bad motorists ? Which yes they should do too of course OR is there any encouragement / appetite to ensure safer roads for everyone... what is the general attitude in the Gardai towards policing of cyclists on our roads...