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Planning on getting an EV….. advice on which car to suit my needs please

  • 18-10-2021 7:51pm
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    I’m in the market for an EV, unsure to get brand new or used. Is it better to buy new and avail of grants or just buy used? My commute is a return trip of around 180km 14 times a month. Was thinking range go with vw id3 but would like to hear different opinions. I work in a hospital and there is a charge point but it’s a bit of a walk to my ward. But hoping to commute without charging at work.


  • Registered Users Posts: 461 ✭✭Gile_na_gile

    Relevant questions:

    1) Have you a private driveway for easy homecharging or can you get permission for an on-street charger and space?

    2) Rough budget

    3) Do you need a lot of space? I can presume ID.3 is big enough, so a more spacious Golf

    On the basis of what you say, the ID.3 with the 58kWh battery should be plenty sufficient for this without work charging. Getting new or used is a personal preference, but for year-round cars that can do 200km you are looking at 2019 plus cars and older Tesla Model S, for the most part (and the Jaguar iPace).

    So it would be a relatively new second-car for around 30k or a new car for whatever you are willing to pay but around 39-40k for a well specced ID.3. A 2020 ID.3 1st might be a good buy for around 30k. Other SH options are Kona, eNiro, eSoul. Beyond 40k there are lots of new larger cars on the market plus the Tesla Model 3.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,027 ✭✭✭Lantus

    Well new vs 2nd hand is really down to budget. Most EVs are new and the 2nd hand market is still small and won't have the better longer range models.

    You should factor in how long you plan to keep and potential savings through monthly fuel costs. Assuming 35k km a year thats 3600eu a year fuel assuming diesel and a nominal efficiency of 6.5l/100km at 1.60 a litre.

    So you are a good candidate and with a night meter rate could reap good savings which will be in the higher car payments instead.

  • Registered Users Posts: 163 ✭✭Billydoc

    Hi Gile,

    Thanks for that input. yeah I’ve a private driveway so lucky that way, was thinking budget between 30-35k but not set in stone. More space would be great but more space means more money. We’ve another car for the kids. This would just be my work commute and about the town car. We’d use our second car for family outings.

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    Ha. You probably wouldn’t. Our ID.3 is very much the main car here. The diesel suv only chosen when needed.

  • Registered Users Posts: 461 ✭✭Gile_na_gile

    Yes, so an all rounder is probably good. A 2020 ID.3 would be an excellent start with space for the family, or a second-hand 192+ LEAF with the larger 62kWh (58kWh usable, same as ID.3) battery. Eniro is also all round good but I personally don't like the CUV styling on it. Kona will be too small in the back seat and boot. All those can be purchased for 29-31k EUR second-hand. Just make sure the battery is at least 50kWh for 200km. Other options are the eCorsa and e208 but they are small, MG SUVs, and little Zoe (ZE40, although smaller battery, would just about do it in winter, ZE50 easy).

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    Your budget is going to guide you here. 30-35k is going to be ID.3, Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Peugeot E-208, Corsa-e. Midsized family cars and small hatchbacks. A second hand Ioniq (38kWh version) could be a great buy. They're well spec'd and their biggest fault was/is their RRP wasn't realistic given the options out there, and they're crap at fast charging (but given 180km commute you'd be fine). €26k should get a 2020 model, just double check it has adaptive cruise control - Irish ones may not have come with adaptive cruise.

    Yeah.. this will happen. Our first EV was an original Ioniq. It was my car and my wife had hers, but her car has gathered moss for over a year now. Electric is such a nicer drive, if you have the option you'll gravitate to it, and it's ~10% the cost to run so why wouldn't you use it more. Long trips the Diesel might be brought out, but for us we just went ID.4 and it covers everything we need.

    I would suggest not half assing it. If you're buying a commuter EV, get one that suits that purpose (gets you from A->B->A as cheaply as possible with as little stress (see "range anxiety") and effort (cruise control, good seats, connectivity) as possible). If you're buying an EV to do everything, don't compromise, or you'll end up buying twice.

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    Yeah, your pretty much in perfect zone price wise, commute wise and everything wise for an EV, so depends on your own taste really.

    ID3 is a good call, as is Ioniq. Also look at Opel Mokka and Citroen e-C4 if you want different options in similar sizes - all of these are low to mid €30ks. KIA Soul also an alternative look choice. So lots of variations there to meet your taste.

    And if you're not a badge/China snob, MG have a facelifted ZS coming out for 2022, cheaper again for the size and the new look is a lot nicer than current ZS

  • Registered Users Posts: 163 ✭✭Billydoc

    Right, mentioned the id3 to the other half, she not impressed (yet) buying brand new. What would be the cheapest used ev I could buy which would do that commute? So I can compare prices ….. and is it right that if I was buying second hand 2018 onwards gets you the grant for installing the charger at home?

  • Registered Users Posts: 461 ✭✭Gile_na_gile

    Absolute cheapest is Zoe Z40 secondhand for 15k. Thereafter ZE50 20k eur, MG, eCorsa, etc. Obviously if you have work charging you could get an Ioniq 28kWh or 40kWh Leaf.

  • Registered Users Posts: 13,137 ✭✭✭✭fits

    I honestly thought I would never buy a car from new but when I ran the figures it made sense. Also depreciation isn’t what it used to be and there will be strong demand for used EVs over the next few years. Don’t rule it out just cos it would be new.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,535 ✭✭✭celtic_oz

    good value .. Irish review :

    older version pricing :

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    Any EV will get you the home charger grant. Look out for 0% PCP deals, new cars are expensive but you can't really go wrong with an interest free loan

    Leaf40 should do the job, although personally I'd get one second hand, they're very outdated technology wise

    ID.3 is an excellent car, don't think there's many who bought one and hated it. It's a little roomier on the inside so should be fine as a family car.

    If you have older kids, then it should be grand to go on longer trips, boot can probably handle 2 suitcases, or suitcase and buggy, but not all 3

    As others have mentioned, the EV will take over as your car of choice. Even for longer journeys you may find needing to charge being worth it to take the EV instead

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