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Almost killed a cyclist

  • 14-10-2021 11:13pm
    Registered Users Posts: 28 johnnytrix21

    Coming along an 80kph road, around a bend. Two d1ckheads on 'road racer' bicycles and a tractor with a slurry tank oncoming.

    Just wondering what do others do in these types of instances? Do you lock your vehicles wheels up risk a crash? Do you hit the cyclists or do you hit the tractor head on?

    It's not fair on country roads any longer. If you want to cylcle especially 2 or 3 a breast go to a designated track or something. It's selfish to risk other road users (who dare I say it are insured and taxed to be on the road) lives in a split second decision.

    Now I don't hate and am not hating on cyclists , a young lad going to the shop or training on his mountain bike is no concern. It's the road racer types cycling in groups or two and sometimes 3 a breast which really boil my blood. Go to a track or something FFS


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