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Ford Diagnostics - looking for an expert in Meath/Dublin area

  • 06-10-2021 3:22pm
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    I have a 2007 Galaxy with a P2121 fault (Throttle Pedal Position Sensor/D Circuit) throwing up a MIL*, and the cruise control won't intitate.

    There is no signal on this circuit via Forscan (see APP_D below).

    When the accelerator is pressed quickly (see APP_E), the engine doesn't respond fast enough (APP %), but if you wait around 1-2 seconds, it responds normally. There is no lack of power.

    [* MIL light comes on when car is started, however within Forscan no DTC is triggering the MIL]

    I've put in a new accelerator pedal.

    I've tried another dashboard (as there are known faults with them).

    I've resoldered the BCM (GEM).

    No changes from these.

    I've run out my skill set too, so I'm looking for someone who is a real expert in car electronics to see if there is something else going on...