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6 Months In Spain or London

  • 02-10-2021 3:22pm
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    Hi, my other half and myself are considering a move to either London or Spain for 6-9 months next year.

    I’m currently weighing up the Pros & Cons of each place and the various things that a move would impact, such as work, family, but most importantly cars :-)

    I am considering what car I would bring or as a friend suggested yesterday, sell a car before I go and buy one in either Spain or London, and if I have it for a 6 month period in either country, I can bring it back into Ireland and re-reg in Ireland without any VRT, but can’t sell it for at least 12 months.

    is this true?


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    London is awful for having a car at all. Good for looking at other people expensive metal, but not to drive in.

    The VRT exemption exists but the paperwork to show you were actually living abroad can be hard to get for a short-term thing.

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    Is he right about the 6 months term?

    Also, if it was London, would you still be exempt from the VAT and import duty… or just exempt from the VRT?

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    For VRT exemption you also need to prove to Revenue that the car was in use there, such as proof of insurance, tax, etc rather than just buying a car and storing it there for 6 months.

    BTW VRT exemptions don't apply to full time students either if your going there to study.

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    Buying a car for 6 months to live in a country.... Are you pair just ok with throwing money away ?

    I'd start with the reasons for moving to either location because they are worlds apart in terms of why you would want to live.

    Car seems like a complete side issue until you've resolved reasons for move.

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    You have to have been resident in the country for 12 months and have used the vehicle for 6 months to get the VRT exemption. So going away for 6 months won't get you anything.

    If you bring a car to the UK then you'll need to check with your insurance as you'll loose cover after a month with some and several months with others. If you bring a car to Spain you'll have the minimum level required in Spain for your whole trip.

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    Yes it's 6 months of ownership while resident for 6 months in that country with bills, insurance receipts etc to prove ownership in that county over that time. I'm not sure how easy it would be to purchase a brand new right hand drive car in Spain, bringing back a left hand drive car would have little or no value here. The car you select would need to be desireable, I would say the best you could possibly hope to achieve is covering your cost of deprication for the time you owned the car and the 12 month wait before you can sell it. The more desireable cars like low emissions or electric have low VRT to start with here so may be no benefit importing. If you were then to go more up market and say bring back a M3 or something like that the market is so limited you could be stuck with it for a long time before it sells.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,206 ✭✭✭ beachhead

    Op idea seems to be sell a car here to finance a 6 mth holiday in Spain or London then buy another to sell back here to finance another 6 mth stay on the auld sod.Good luck with that.Buying cryto is prob a better chance.

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    I think this thread is just a brain fart.

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    Brain explosion or excess fluid consumed