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Stamp duty on house with garden over 1 acre

  • 29-09-2021 4:08pm
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    Hi all, I am in the process of buying a house on 1.2 acres of land. My understanding of stamp duty is that I will pay 1% of the purchase price on the house and garden up to 1acre but will have to be separately assessed for stamp duty on the remaining .2 acre. Does anyone know how I find out what value the will assess the remaining land on? .2 of an acre in this location would be worth very little, but is there a registry of some sort that gives the values they use in different parts of the country?


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    Yes, you're right. I bought a house with 1.5 acres and my solicitor asked the selling estate agent to provide a valuation for the "extra" half acre (he had it at 10K) so the stamp duty was calculated as (sale price - 10K) @ 1% + 10K @ 7.5%. In effect the difference is 6.5% of whatever value is on the extra land.

    You could look at sales of agricultural land or sites without planning in the area to get an idea but ultimately for 0.2 acres its not going to be more than 5-10K so max extra stamp duty of €325-€650 which is not huge in a transaction for 100s of thousands.

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    Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply Enrique, I didn't realise that the 'extra' land had a higher rate of stamp duty and also didn't cop on that you would subtract the value of the extra land off the sales price first so that all makes perfect sense!