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Easiest to unclip clipless pedals?

  • 27-09-2021 12:25pm
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    Any recommendations on which clipless pedals work best in a situation where you have to unclip quickly and unexpectedly?

    I've been using Shimano SPD-SLs for years and I still fall prey to the unexpected-stop-unable-to-clip-out-in-time-slow-motion-fall scenario. Ideally I'd like to eliminate this from happening after enough injuries/scuffed bike incidents. I also find it's a concern when climbing really steep sections and thus going really slowly where I'm worried that if I grind to a stop I won't be able to unclip in time.

    I'm not racing or commuting. My use case is club rides, endurance rides, sportives and I'd like to improve the level of confidence in "unclipability". Road shoe/pedals would be best but happy to consider MTB options if those are better. Aesthetic considerations come a distant second to functionality.


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    Speedplays are pretty easy to unclip from, but have you tried turning the tension on your existing pedals right down?

    I know on look keos you can dial the tension down to the point you barely need to move your ankle to unclip

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    SPDs with the silver cleats are probably the easiest, or Keo Easy pedals are very easy to unclip from.

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    SPD's probably the easiest (although check the tension when you get them, speaking as someone who had a comedy fall on new pedals a few weeks back!).

    You're road shoes may have two bolts, but I prefer them in mtb shoes to be honest, as I find them harder to clip in that spd-sl when their not in a recessed sole! fwiw I've done over 100km on spd, including gravel (so a long day), and haven't had any issues. It really comes down to the stiffness of the sole in my experience. I've mtb winter boots, so rather than get a second pair, I just changed the winter road bike to spd. I get around 100km club spins no issues (and have an easier time at the coffee stop!).

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    I do several hour spins on my spds with no issue. Ordered a new pair of Gaerne SPD shoes at the weekend for a but more comfort and stiffness.

    I was thinking of changing the cleats to the multidirection unclicking instead of twisiting our your ankle.


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    Worth exploring cleat options too as there is ones like this which would help:

    Buy Shimano SM-SH56 SPD Multi Release Cleats | Mantel Int