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F1 2021 Round 15:Russian Grand Prix 2021



  • This season has really seen a revival of the sport - Not just with people jumping on the Drive to Survive hype - it has become less predictable and it is great to see!

    the championship title is so close, it is just a shame it wont finish in Brazil - but maybe we will still get a repeat of 2008 with the championship being won on the last corner!

  • My favourite part was when Alonso shot through corner 2 and came out in second/third I think? Obviously the had to give the places back though

  • A favourite trick of mine on the game,

    They just didn't mention that really, I was wondering how they would work out where he should be.

  • Ha yeah, I didn't think he gave the places back. I think the hard tires meant stroll and co got just after that again . Apparently he tested it on the formation lap .

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  • The best part is that he didn’t even have to give them back! He had the move into P3 before we went off and was entitled to come back on and keep the place!

  • I think Alonso should have been penalised for that move myself. He deliberately left the track, he didn't make a mistake and wasn't crowded off the track.

  • I'd like to hear all the communications between the team and Norris before judging who was to blame. We only heard snippets on the live feed and the team would have loads of information about how wet it was all around the track. As soon as Hamilton pitted they should have hedged their bets and just just pitted the lap after. Lando is a good driver on inters so he would have finished second or at least challenged Hamilton for the win.

  • Four points finishes for Russell in the last five races. I can't wait to see in a Mercedes next year.

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  • Tried to find a video of it, but I can't get one.

  • Add to that that it's exceedingly difficult to drive in the rain, requiring supreme attentiveness to the signals given by the car.

    The conditions deteriorated part of the way into Norris's second lap after Hamilton pitted. If he didn't pit the lap Hamilton pitted, there was no reason to pit the next one either. He had a huge gap to third place, and it was only because the car became undrivable that he lost out on 2nd place.

  • It’s hard to tell because of the helmets so it’s difficult to see facial expressions but his body language definitely changed and he appeared to do a double take when he noticed it was a RB without the illuminous strip on the antenna pulling up beside him

  • That was totally Lewis's fault at Monza. At the time I thought racing incident but having seen the slow mo on Channel 4s qualifying program yesterday which was very good by the way it was totally Lewis's fault and he should have been the one to get the penaultys not Max. Lewis did not leave enough room for Max. He forced him onto the green and then into the Kerp because Max had no where else to go. Your supposed to leave a car space beside you and Lewis did not do that there.

  • ^^^ this is the Russian GP , there is no need to bring the previous race into .

  • Alonso pitting a lap earlier and he comes home second.

  • Loved Max on the radio saying his tired are dead and then knocking in fastest laps!

  • It's great to have these races where there isn't just a battle up front - seems like it's been a long time since we had decent midfield battles - today was a good show of this. Aside from Verstappens surprise race and Lewis's 100 wins,

    Russell scored another point for Williams.

    Alonso had a great race too.

    Bottas seemed lost in P14 and managed to finish 5th.

    Sainz finishing third.

    Noteworthy to me lately is Perez, granted he suffered an awful pitstop but he's not seemed up to the mark at all (started the season well) but fails to pull it out the bag in qualifying and all too often finishes midfield. 5th in the championship when your team mate is contending for the title in the same car - hmm.

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  • I've been saying he's an average driver for a while. He seemed to be performing a bit above that level early in the season but he's regressed to his mean since then. Nice guy, likeable, very gentle on tyres most times, very poor in qualifying almost all the time, has an odd good performances here and there, bang average overall. I'll bet he's delighted he signed a contract for next year when he did. He's been poor since then.

  • I know it would suck for Lando if he was penalised on top of everything else, but he really should have been. It’s a very clear black and white rule, one of the most straightforward in the rule book. The fact that he only broke it by accident doesn’t come into it. Aston Martin didn’t intentionally fail to provide enough fuel at the end of Hungary and they were disqualified, there is simply no consistency.

    These sort of grey areas where the stewards are free to make it up as they go along and choose whether or not they want to penalise a clear infraction just further damage trust and leaves you with that niggling feeling that they keep leaving the door open for further controversies and further manipulation of results in the stewards room.

  • We often give out about rules in F1 being enforced strictly in black and white but this was one where I think the got it right! Had another car been coming around turn 17 then yeah a pen is fair but he impacted nobody and the slide was completely out of his control. His speed was even half the speed limit at the pit enternce… fair cop I’d say!

  • In Tsunodas case it was dry and he just drove over it! Today for Norris it was a deluge

    I agree that rules need to be applied consistently but there has to be a point where a reaction to human response comes into it! Maybe we need to agree to disagree on it and that’s cool, but for me I think they got it right… the circumstance was so extenuating and Norris could demonstrate he done more than normal to avoid it and at the end of the day, no harm was caused to any other drivers time or race!

  • Schumacher, Senna, Prost....

    This is not a new phenomenon.

  • Imagine if in football the ref decided not to give a corner after a defender knocked the ball over the line because it was wet and he slipped.

    Either the rules apply or they don’t. In a racing incident where two cars collide there are myriad things to consider and there is room for subjectivity. But crossing a white line is crossing a white line. Either it’s allowed or it isn’t.

    I fail to see how Norris sliding all the way over it is in any way less severe than Tsunoda slightly misplacing his car by about half a metre. No harm was caused to other drivers in either case.

    I just don’t like the way the FIA are so inconsistent so often and Stewards are left to completely arbitrarily decide whether punish an incident or not on a whim, because it opens the door for them to make very dubious decisions when the rules are left so vague and open to interpretation.

  • Ah, it would have been worse to stay on slicks in the wet weather for another lap. I'm fine with applying a bit of cop on too. Rules for rules sake would have penalised Lando and I think that would have been silly. He crossed the line because he was on the wrong tyre for the conditions. He was coming into the pits to get on the correct (and safe) tyre. I'm fine with the decision.

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  • 100% should have been a penalty for Norris, wet weather or not he broke the rules

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  • You could make the point that numerous other cars entered the pit lane without incident while conditions were wet albeit not as bad as when Norris attempted to do so. Still, a top F1 driver ought to accomplish such a manoeuvre irrespective of tyres or weather conditions. He was going too fast entering the pit road. That's all. The stewards decision is a joke. You cannot apply the rules selectively just to suit particular circumstances. He crossed the white line (twice) and should have been punished.