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Received 1 x Moderna in Ireland, 1 x Pfizer in Turkey, how to combine onto 1 cert

  • 22-09-2021 5:19pm
    Registered Users Posts: 424 ✭✭ Landoflemon


    Hoping somebody can help here. My girlfriend received a Moderna vaccine here and then 4 weeks later a Pfizer vaccine in Turkey. She is back here now, and although fully vaccinated, cannot get a Covid travel cert to say so. According to the HSE she has had one vaccine, according to the Turkish health system she has had 1 vaccine (they don't recognise Moderna apparently). I'm sure this is going to cause her problems with either travel in the future, or if it comes around to booster shots.

    We've tried calling the covid helpline to no avail, after spending hours multiple times over the last month on the phone they couldn't deal with this case.

    I've emailed the office of Simon Donnelly out of desperation and never heard back.

    If it were me, I would take another Moderna here and be done with it, but she has valid concerns about taking a 3rd vaccine and combining different ones like this, which is not a recommended approach. So let's assume that's off the table.

    Is there another route I can take, or somewhere I can physically show up to try to get the travel certificate?

    Any help would be appreciated.