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Tuesday 21st September

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    1.45 Listowel, Aikhal, around 5/4. Just finished backing this horse to win. This is as close to a sure thing that I can have my money on in my opinion. Mickey mouse race and money is down today.

    1.55 Beverley, Golden War, around 5/4. Lay bet written all over this. Horse is under-priced and will find something too good.

    2.10 Warwick, Cobblers Dream, around 7/4. Lay bet, again can't see it winning and very under-priced.

    2.45 Warwick, Sir Tivo, around 5/4. Again lay bet here, can't see it winning. Went over the form with a fine tooth comb.

    Few more lined up depending. Had a substantial double with Aikhal and watford to beat stoke later. Should be a good day's betting.