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suggestions to replace Cultura 100W

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    Hi, looking to replace my aging Cultura 100W (, preferably with the same model or similar. Had it a couple of years and it's been my best battery since I started vaping around 8 years back. Only reason I'm replacing it is the hinge has come a bit loose so constantly having to adjust it to maintain a decent contact which is a pain when driving or the like. Otherwise it resets, turns off or worse feels like the battery is nearly empty when the opposite is true.

    Can't seem to see it for sale anywhere in Ireland so can anyone recommend a good alternative?

    Just to be clear, I use the Cultura with a Nautilus atomizer instead of the stock tank which isn't suitable for nicotine flavour liquids so any replacement would need to be compatible. Normally vape at around 35W.

    I've tried battery less options a few times but find them a waste of money. Might be just me but same issue with each one I've bought where the usb port stops charging within a short enough period. Last one I bought was only 6 months back as a backup when problems started with the Cultura. Lasted just 3 months or so of continous use so had to go back to the Cultura.

    Cultura works off just the one battery and holds a charge for around a day so cuts down on size and weight. Two batteries is not a deal breaker though.

    So any suggestions welcome. Called into a few stores and stock seems very limited at the moment, mostly usb only charging.