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Are food prices rising?

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    It's mentioned almost daily in the news - Have you noticed material increase in prices for groceries or for eating out/takeaways?


  • Yep, I think I've definitely noticed increases. I don't watch the price labels on groceries too closely, but it feels like my amount spent gets higher every month. In terms of take out, my local sandwich shop just put all their prices up by 10%, and a number of restaurants close to us have recently increased prices by 5-10%.

  • I haven't noticed groceries or ingredients costing more (perhaps this is just inattention) but takeaway food and low to mid priced dining prices have increased massively as far as I can see.

  • Eating out prices have definitely risen but much of that won't be ingredient cost related, but staff wages and covering for reduced turnover due to reduced space.

    I've not noticed a groceries price rise yet but I've also not done a "big shop" for a month because we've been away, its possible I'll get a shock at the weekend!

  • €10 sandwiches hardly raise an eyebrow, now.

  • Big shop done. Nothing obviously up in price except one thing which has very seasonal pricing anyway - peppers.

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  • yeah thats been my observation as well. Its not uncommon to see pizzas in restaurants/pubs for 16-18 euro now which is quite a rise. Other items like burgers asking a similar price. And as you say 10 euro seems like almost a default for sandwiches. Was in a Lebanese restaurant in a provincial town a few weeks back and almost every main course was 20 euro or over. It wasnt even that nice either, had to send the shish lamb skewers back as they were so dry and over cooked. First time Ive had to send food back in years but I wasnt paying an already over priced 20 euro for a couple of dry lamb skewers with bread and salad.

  • I haven't noticed individual items go up in price, but I did notice that our grocery bills exploded once the first lockdown started.

    Trying to find interesting lunches that you can cook quickly but don't cost a fortune is difficult!

  • I think it’s more about availability than pricing but I’m sure rises are on the way.

    The price of fuel though. It’s up 25% in the last year but no one’s taking to the streets protesting. Disguised as carbon taxes, not a cent will be ring-fenced for the environment. 🙄