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Tuesday 14th September

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    Registered Users Posts: 835 ✭✭✭ SonOfGoat

    Few crackers lined up.

    1.50 Yarmouth, my little tip, around 4/7. I can't see this horse winning here. I've had a chunky lay bet. I'm fairly sure it'll find something too good. My best bet of the day.

    1.00 fontwell, glimpse of gala,around 8/15 but looks a penalty kick. I have it priced around 1/5. Strong win bet.

    1.10 Redcar, may blossom. Can't see this horse being in the frame. Laying 3 places at roughly 11/10

    1.30 punchestown, perfect thunder. Again, can't see this horse being placed. Laying 3 places at roughly 5/4.

    Few more lined up on a busy day. I'll be very surprised if a decent few Bob is not made today.