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Harbour view road, Cork - new junction layout

  • 12-09-2021 7:26pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,663 ✭✭✭ Diabhalta

    First time driving through this after the council (finally) resufaced this part of the road. Better late than never, this was in absolute bits for years.

    So I am wondering why am I facing the oncoming traffic. Surely this isn't right.

    so everyone driving through here has to drive around oncoming traffic. And if there's no traffic you can use a bit of that lane if you're lazy, like the guy here. I do it too, many people do it. Because it's a dumb layout.

    Here, at this red light we were waiting for like one and half minute for the green light, queue of 10 cars. Technically anyone turning left should wait in the queue and once they get to the turning lane they can turn. Nobody has time and patience to wait in traffic so a cycling lane has to do. It was way better before, it made sense before. Now it's a mess.

    But no, now there is a piece of footpath ahead in the road for no reason.

    Over here, the bend is too tight. Way too tight for buses and lorries.

    An extra bit of road here. Strange. Could've used it further up and make the footpath in that corner smaller.. well.. too late now...

    I guess they were in a hurry and didn't bother finishing the job when painting the lines.

    Hopefully they paint the lines further up so it's even worse then. So people will have less space to turn. That would be absolutely perfect if they could do that. As close to the pedestrian crossing as possible.