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9/11 20th anniversary



  • "lol" there's an entire forum for discussing conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 where you can grandstand to your hearts content.

    Your "pre-empting" is just you expressing your views in a manner as graceful as a brick to the face.

    Without veering into the territory of back seat modding this thread is clearly about people's memories of 9/11 as it happened. The first mention of conspiracies came from you. Like I mentioned previously, you have an entire forum dedicated to arguing with the same small group of people you have been arguing with for well over a decade on this topic with.

    As your condescending tone suggests to anyone unfamiliar with that forum, it is a "dumpster fire" all of it's own.

  • Harrowing stuff in parts, the footage of the fire fighters grimacing as the screams of falling people turn to loud thuds is a part that makes me wince every time. The fact that we all watched these people die live on TV is something that never gets any easier to deal with.

  • Just watched 9/11: Inside the Presidents War Room, good doc, demonstrates they really had little idea what was happening. The paranoia was so high that the pilots of Airforce One posted a guard outside their own cabin door.

  • why did the never rebuilt a second tower ?

  • The memorial doesn't really allow for it as the "voids" exist in place of the original towers, that and the decision was made to keep the redevelopment to just the one tower.

    I remember there was a campaign at one point to rebuild the towers as they were, with support from a certain Donald Trump before the redevelopment of the site was finalized I to what it is today.

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  • It was a monstrous act by any objective measure, it wasn't cowardly however.

    That's just something people say as code for a despicable act , it's wholly inaccurate.

  • I was flicking between Sky News and BBC One (Neighbours), waiting for Diagnosis Murder to start. When Sky News reported it, I just assumed it was some kind of light aircraft accident. The hugeness of the tower made it hard to comprehend the enormity of what had just hit it. Anyhow, Diagnosis Murder never did start in the end. That's when I realised that something big had happened. And then, when the second tower was hit, I realised that something really massive had happened. There was a moment of confusion where I thought the second collision was just a replay of the first one. But it soon became very obvious that America was going to have no choice but to invade somewhere and kill a disproportionate amount of innocent civilians in the process. I knew it'd only be a country where poor non-white people live though.

  • Trump's plan was to rebuild the towers exactly as they where with a single additional floor in each tower.

  • Coverage of the 9/11 attacks as they happened in real time (around 2 hours), morbidly gripping to watch it all again

  • Up in there in June 2000, over in Boston for a cousins wedding at the time. Lost all the photos from those tourist type cameras was gutted about it. Brother got some merch at the time though.

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  • George W Bush: The 9-11 Interview another good watch, it's on Disney.

  • The video of the second plane hitting is just surreal. Ofc it would be new York City and America where a terrorist attack would play out as it did on that day. It was more Hollywood than Hollywood. The extent this day is built into people's consciousness is fascinating to me. I think this attack exposed American foreign policy to a lot of us and in their darkest hour, somehow the tide turned and America began to be viewed less favourably but you can see from (even slightly) older people who grew up when American propaganda was at its height just how affected they were by this day.

    Meanwhile there were wars in Europe just a few years previously and this is way less ingrained in the collective memory

  • Listening to the ATC recordings from the day show the same kind of confusion and lack of understanding of what was happening because the phrase “real world hijack” is repeated several times in the first few minutes because it was hard to comprehend it ever happening.

  • It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since that terrible day. The images never seem to lose their horror. It still seems completely surreal.

    I was in Third Year maths class when the planes hit the WTC and I remember a commotion in the hall outside the classroom and a student from another class running in the door saying something about a plane crash in America. We didn’t really understand exactly what was happening at that point.

    It was only when I got home and my mother had Sky News on showing thick black smoke billowing up from lower Manhattan that I realised something terrible had happened.

    But even that it took me ages to get my head around the fact that this was a deliberate act.

    Seeing the images of the two planes hitting the towers for the first time is something that will never leave me. I still get a chill up my spine thinking about it.

    It’s beyond me why people insist on seeing conspiracy in everything that happened that day. What happened was horrendous enough without making things up.

  • My own personal recollection was one of initial disbelief and shock. On boards, those sentiments were widespread as people tried to process what was occurring in NYC.

  • I was 18. Coming back from lunch with my dad in his car when we heard there was a fire at the WTC. He said he wanted to see what was happening so we drove to his house nearby and sat watching it all day, saw the second plane hit. We were both just in shock. My mam was working in an office and I kept calling her to give her updates, which she relayed to her colleagues (this was before you could watch TV from your office computer).

    My dad was due to go to NYC with his friends the following week but that was cancelled, they had planned a trip up the WTC too.

    I visited the site in 2008 when I lived in NYC for a time and went down there on the anniversary. It made it a lot more real seeing first responders in their dress uniforms and relatives with pictures and t-shirts of their loved ones. Just a very sad occasion.

    That Jules and Gideon documentary really captured so much and it was all by accident, they were meant to be filming a documentary about rookie firefighters in NYC and ended up being in the centre of it all, including the collapse of the towers. I think they got the only footage of the first plane hitting the North tower.

  • I remember the next day the idea of people falling from the tower absolutely enthralling me. Am I right that one(all?) of the papers used the shot where you see the falling man? There was something about jumping that was so morbidly heart-breaking and morbidly fascinating about this aspect of the day. What happened to them when they hit the surface? Did any survive?(I was 10)

  • Found these a couple of months ago while clearing out the attic

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  • I still have the papers from the next day sept 12. Knew it would be worth keeping.

  • 😐️

    Nobody survived jumping from the buildings. They hit the concrete at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. Their bodies were totally destroyed.

  • Ah, that is far too sad... How they thought jumping of such a high building was a better option. Heart breaking stuff.

  • 20 years ago, it was very quite back then

  • I was trying to think back on the day of mourning in ireland, was it the Friday? Very weird week that week thinking of it. I remember being at a memorial in a church in town and some Americans came in and stood at the back. The priest called them up to the front and the whole church burst into applause.

  • I was ten! I clearly know now that nobody survived

  • I was at work when it happened, just entering the staff room to take a tea break and chattering as I was going in. A colleague, unusually, told me to shush a moment “ you’ll be interested… a plane crashed into the twin towers in NY!” I thought to myself, how could this possibly be an accident, then shortly after my immediate suspicions were confirmed by the second hit.

  • I remember getting fed up of the wall to wall coverage after a few days and being relieved when RTE put on Married With Children.

    This video is a bit eerie

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