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Kids in coffee shops - yay or nay



  • You have exagerated the volume of a baby crying. In this study, the average was 105db, but that's with a microphone placed a ridiculous 18" from the babies mouth:

    Sound pressure drops rapidly with distance, so it's going to be 94.7db at the 2m social distance - worse case scenario. A really interesting bit of research found that isolated vietnamese villagers who had never been exposed to any noises other than those of the natural world - no cars, motorbikes trucks, chainsaws, etc, actually had poorer hearing than people living in a busy city who had exposure to far higher ambient noise levels during their lifetime.

    You are really reaching.

  • We've been through this already, and your contributions are veering towards the wrong side of odd now.

    I tried the nice way...

  • So what's your nasty way?

    Having a temper tantrum online when someone doesn't love your child as much as you do?

  • Mod - can everyone please stop with the personal digs at each other?

    @yagan take it down a notch please

  • What I've taken from the last few pages is, parents are right to bring their kids to cafes/restaurants and are ok to call out comments from people who make comments about their kids, whether they're noisy or not, but the other people would be wrong to say something to the parents, whether they were noisy or not...

    Again, I've no issue with people bringing kids places, and I do have issues with parents who don't look after their kids in these places (and I'll include shopping centres and supermarkets in this too) and let them run/sound riot. But like others have mentioned, the sound of a kid crying, screaming, laughing, basically any of those high pitched squeals, they go through me and immediately put me in a bad mood. But I avoid those situations as much as possible, late shopping, not a coffee drinker, don't do restaurants much.

    Some people just don't like kids and everything they do, I'm basically one of them. Yes, I was a kid once and I've heard the stories of what I was like, and I wouldn't have been able to put up with me. But here's the thing, people like me are wrong for that opinion and everything we do as a consequence of it, simply because not liking children is seen as something bad. At least that's the impression I get, and it's echoed on this thread.

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  • “Not liking children is something bad. “

    Do you understand why that is?

    Just like not liking old people, not liking black people or Asian people or gay people or blonde people or people with walking sticks.

    It is an offensive and discriminatory “opinion “ and when expressed you will be reminded frequently of how wrong it is. Such is life with other humans.

  • In my defence, I hate everyone equally in the beginning and over time they can grow on me, so I don't discriminate on any grounds but member of the human species, which I also am, so I can internally discriminate as much as I want. It's not race, religion, sex, gender or any of that that makes me think someone is a prick. I just assume they are, up to them to prove otherwise, and most can't!

    Bottom line, people suck. And people definitely have issues with opinions that don't match up with your own. As you say, such is life.

  • I thought discrimination was the unjust or prejudicial treatment of one of the groups covered under equality regulations. Lots of people just dont like kids especially noisy ones, or old folks etc. I happen to like both but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.