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F1 2021 Round 13: Dutch Grand Prix



  • It was nearly harder staying awake during the national anthem than it was the race.

    Roll on Monza

  • Both Alpine drivers in the points. I'm happy with that.

  • I doubt you'll see Lizzie in Silverstone anytime soon.

  • Good race, great result. Delighted.

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  • Bit of a **** race but one of the rare circuits that the cars actually look interesting going around. Result makes it easier to put up with too. :P

    Merc and Bottas, well Jesus. Pitting him to make sure Hamilton would even have to look at him when going for his fastest lap is just so sad.

  • Mercedes were a joke today, and Bottas the ultimate yes man. George Russell is going to be the yes man next season. Hope he's ready for it.

  • I could listen to Rosberg grill Toto all day, he doesn’t give an inch!

    Enjoyable to get back to straight racing, Mercedes were good but RB were better. Monza should be a cracker.

  • He grilled some lad from Aston Martin earlier too about the Vettel and Haas episode - basically telling him to suck it up as you put your car in that position.

    The above and the Toto interview, coupled with the comments about Hamilton with Button earlier would make you wish Netflix where there when Rosberg and Hamilton were teammates.

  • Will this is a good interview for Lando

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  • Rosberg v Hamilton is probably what got dts commissioned in the first place!

    This season though has been easily the most entertaining since then. Max is the most talented driver out there right now IMO but Lewis is phenomenal especially when his back is in a corner. It’s F1 at its best.

  • Good weekend for Ferrari into 3rd in the constructor's championship.

  • Russell has a lot of time on his side. Bottas is 32 and never wanted to break through the barrier like Rosberg did.

    Russell is 23, and knows Hamilton won't be around forever. If Hamilton can win his 8th title this season or next season then the necessity for Russell to be a number 2 weakens.

  • An incredible weekend from Max under such intense pressure. No DRS and a couple of slipped gears on his pole lap and still nails it.

    Many many world championships in the future if he has the car under him.

  • Rosberg putting everyone to the sword today in these interviews.

  • Great circuit and great race. Two drivers at the top of their game, regardless of who wins it this year, it will have been earned.

  • Rosberg being his ussual self on sky stirring up Trouble with Jenson at any opportunity 🤣

  • That's because he has a backbone, unlike Bottas.

    It's all the more impressive that he managed to win the title against Hamilton, despite the fact that he had to overcome internal strife and stand up for himself and not allow himself to be bullied into submission.

    Then we have to cast our mind back to 2007 where McLaren actively worked against Alonso winning the title due to their favouritism towards Hamilton, which allowed Kimi Raikkonen to ensure neither of them won it.

    Full respect to Rosberg, he called out the nonsense for what it was and fought back. He will always have my respect. Bottas has just allowed himself to be bullied for years. Should leave the grid and give his seat to someone who actually wants to put up a fight.

  • He certainly acquitted himself well enough this weekend. Nice pass on Latifi there at the end. Raikkonen might not have fared much better.

  • The irony in this comment is that team mates fighting each other is exactly what cost McLaren the 2007 drivers championship. Gone off the deep end today

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  • Rosberg has had little to overcome in his career compared to Hamilton being the privileged son of a former world champion. He was also Toto's guy. Lewis was Lauda's guy. He had the best car in the field at his disposal. If I were to rate him in comparison to the other world champions from the last thirty years I would say he is by far the least talented driver of the lot.

  • Nico is hilarious - just said that there is a rumour going around the paddock that Netflix were called to Toto's office to film George signing a contract

  • Boring procession or decent race ?, I know there was concern here that the track was too narrow for passing

  • I said earlier, and I stand by it, that this wasn't a classic by any means but it was needed to keep the championship alive.

  • That’s the big call. Merc want Hamilton to break the record before any team racing happens.

    But as good as Russell is, he’s no Hamilton, so even if Max wins this year I’d say there’s little danger of team competition in Mercedes for a couple of years at least.

  • I hate being too harsh on Bottas, he was hired to complement the team objective of getting Lewis titles. And in that, he’s performed very well.

    He doesn’t have the ability to challenge and I think that’s going to end up gnawing at him, being one of the few to be given a chance to drive a top tier car.

    But theres also been times where Merc just treat him like some sh*t on their shoe that I won’t miss. Like today, my heart sank for him when I hear the “Valtteri, it’s James..” He should have gone for it, Mercedes would get the same constructor points anyway!

  • For me it was not a bad race but definitely not a good one. Max was flying in the red bull and I like that Lewis tried to make it race at times. Bottas did as he was told but was cheeky taking the fastest lap. Perez I know will get praise for getting up to 6th was it but he should have been a comfortable 4th given the pace difference at the front as Gasly was even lapped. Right decision taken the penalties with him this week ,but he is now. Behind Bottas in the drivers championship and bottas been unlucky and poor this season.

    I hope Ferrari bring the engine to Monza , just to mess with the front.

    Poor weekend for McLaren Norris did well to get into the points.

    Decent weekend for Alpine .

    Alpha Tauri would be fighting for third in the construction championship if they didn't have Yuki , seems like a damn good car

    Poor ish form Aston. I thought stroll did ok he and George had a battle the whole way . Pitting decision seemed wrong from them .

    Vettel recovery from his spin was ok but could have only been slightly better this weekend. Never saw them getting anything other than maybe one point if luck.

  • Not a classic by any stretch, perez recovery drive the highlight of the day, another lap or two and he probably would've caught sainz & alonso.

    Max needed a perfect driver and thats what he delivered, the pressure he must have been feeling id say was something else.

    I wonder the circumstances of Russell arrival will mean for him, I think will be eager to challenge but untill Hamilton breaks Schumacher record (if he ever does) he will be the number one barring Russell arriving and tearing **** up from day one. I feel sorry almost for Bottas, knows he's only a pawn at merc and probably can't wait for the season to be over.

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  • Rosberg being his ussual self on sky stirring up Trouble with Jenson at any opportunity 🤣