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Squid Game [Netflix] [** SPOILERS **]



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    The VIP's were obvious caricatures of vile self-absorbed people meant to repel and repulse the audience, make them wince and cringe even.

    It was hardly going to be Nelson Mandela and Gandhi paying for this sort of messed-up spectacle was it?

    No, it was going to be a group of filthy rich, self-absorbed and depraved assholes like they were.

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    But wasn't that the point? They were awful people who would be the type to support an event like that. You'd hardly expect nice people to be at it.

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    Yes but so many shows are slow burners.

    But you are right, so many people don't watch Better Call Saul because the first few episodes were slow and not like Breaking Bad and then so many people missed out on one of the best shows on TV in the last 5 years.

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    Can’t do dubbing - a Korean lad with an Arkansas accent is strange . Subtitles for me

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    how could you tell?!

    except for about 1 minute for that fat gay lad hoping to get his rocks off they all had masks on all the time!

    they were deliberate caricature obnoxious fookers as was intended.

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    Really don't agree with that at all.

    They were fine, played obnoxious people with masks on so made it hard to tell how good or bad their acting was and also their screentime was quiet small

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    So anyone figure out the rules to the Squid Game itself? He was explaining them then it just seemed to turn into a fight. It was one of a few games I'd never seen before but the rest were easier to understand.

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    I think a bit like Sumo wrestling, in the original game the aim for the attacker is to step foot inside the 'squid's head' - they can only hop on one foot until they break through the centre of the squid's body [the double line in the centre] then they can use both feet - the defenders must force them back, if they push them outside the squid they die - as this was an actual to the death game with an anything goes rule [once Seong Gi had broke through and could now use both feet] that bit kinda went out the window, it was kill anyway possible .... I think

    As for the VIP acting, thing to remember is this was originally aimed at the Korean/Asian market, to them over acting seems the norm, either way we weren't supposed to like them in any way so it's fitting

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    I enjoyed it overall but there were a couple of things that jarred a bit. The cop storyline was a bit anticlimactic especially when we didn't get any explanation as to how or why the front man became who he is.

    Also Gi-Hun being summoned to meet the creator just because he hadn't spent his money and just in time for him to watch his death seemed a bit forced.

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    Here you go

    On the point of non Korean actors in Korean productions the standard of acting is pretty low. Most have day jobs and usually have very minor bit part roles like American soldier or nodding western business man like the actor who plays the fat guy. Ability to understand Korean instruction seems the main requirement when casting.

    But something also grates when switching between Korean and English speaking actors in Korean productions imo. Korean directors seem to favour a mid Atlantic western twang for seemingly every English speaking role. Maybe connected with the American English they often teach in Korea. The directors want the audience to understand the English speaker so they sound more like a language class comprehension tape than acting. The end result is epic wooden acting even if they are trained professionals. Same problem crops up in Chinese and Japanese productions catering mainly for a domestic audience.

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    Also Gi-Hun being summoned to meet the creator just because he hadn't spent his money and just in time for him to watch his death seemed a bit forced.

    That was just there for anyone who hadn't figured out that the old guy was the creator and to make people who had figured it out feel smart.

    It was really about the old guy just wanting to let Gi-Hun know that he had felt alive again by playing the game.

    Anything about spending the money or not is incidental.

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    There are probably not a lot of great Korean-born actors over in the UK and Ireland either.

    I think that too big a deal is being made of this - they have very tiny parts in the context of the 9 episodes, parts so small that they don't provide scope for nuanced character development as they are just designed to be "the homogenous group of assholes".

    If anyone has an issue with that then it's something against the script for just having a very small "group depiction" far more than the actors they got.

    Except for a brief moment in the case of one we never see any of their faces and the whole haughty obnoxious tone is very deliberate and what the show was going for.

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    Also - Gi-Hun made a bet with him, about the guy in the street - that he actually won - seeing the wager GiHun placed was for "for Everything" - I thought he was going to inherit the Squid Games - Chocolate Factory style... lol.

    “Roll it back”

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    Seems like subtitles aren't great either

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    I heard this being spoken of in the same breath as 'Alice in Borderland', which I'm persevering through at the minute..

    Maybe I'm just 'korean series about some deadly game..'d out, but AiB just seems like a pile of sh1te tbh..

    "The majority prefers expressing stupidities to not expressing any opinion: this gives them the feeling of participation. For this they need simple thoughts, elementary explanations, a "key" that will permit them to take a position, and even ready-made opinions. "

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    Yes keep going. I didn't really like the first episode. But thought the second and third were much better which kept me watching the whole series.

    Overall I liked it. Nothing too original but pretty good entertainment. I was surprised how moving it was at times.

    It's too successful not to have a second series.

    Hopefully there will be no VIPs in that one!!!! Worst dialogue I've heard in a long time!

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    Really enjoyed this, very clever! Superb acting, I bet there are some theatre actors mixed in there. I enjoyed Gi-Hun's childlike wonder and approach. Hedonic adaptation. I hope there is a sequel, it is certainly teed up for one.

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    I can understand the criticisms tbh. The first 6 episodes were pitch perfect and then suddenly these VIP characters cheapened things. Their screen time wasn't limited enough to be negligible.

    They were given more dialogue than was needed to hold the suspense built up in the previous 6 episodes and the dialogue they were given was trash. It sounded like the drunken boasts of college students with their parents credit card.

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    I think the show was aimed at the korean market. They couldn't have foreseen the interest internationally so not much thought went into the english speaking parts or the english dubbing/subtitles

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    One of the best Netflix series ever imho.

    Amazing. Would love if they make a good go of season 2 ... will be tough tho...

  • I was discussing this series with my son in law while driving through town the other day. He asked did I watch it dubbed or subtitled. Well, I nearly threw him out of the car!

    Re the debate over the VIPs, perhaps those who watched it dubbed could answer if the Americans came across as wooden as they did in the subbed version.

    It may be that the contrast against the very expressive Korean dialect highlighted the blandness of a generic Texas accent.

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    Lee Jung-jae apparently normally plays bad guys in his movies (mad to think)

    And it was Jung Ho-yeon first acting gig which is quite impressive.

    But does anyone know how we got to 17 contestants after marbles, was. It an over sight I didn't watch it back so maybe I missed something and haven't found anything online

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    So there were 33 people left at start. That's 16 matches. 16 winners and 16 losers totalling 32. The one over was Han Mi-nyeo  who was seen being taken away and then showed to have been kept alive so she brought total up to 17.

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    Ahhhh **** I had it in my head it was 39 the whole time whoops

    Well that solves that mystery :)


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    I wouldn't say he normally plays bad, with his looks he plays a mix. His movie New World is worth watching.

    Park Hae-soo drama "Prison Playbook" is good for a laugh. It was his big break main role. Not sure if still available on Netflix Ireland. And later this year he plays Berlin in the Netflix Korea remake of "House of Paper".

    Jung Ho-yeon has a decision to make. She can remain in Korea and easily become the next Jun Ji-hyun or with her English skills from international modelling can try the Hollywood route.

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    The VIPs were speaking in English. They hardly redubbed them did they?

    edit actually misunderstood your point. Didn't watch it dubbed

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    I wonder if the director speaks English, or understands English to such a degree that he could tell the lines were poorly written and forced.

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    Ah fair enough I just saw it mentioned when they were on the Jimmy fallon show he must have been too nice to pull him up on it.

    Given the popularity of the show one would think she would go for it in Hollywood alright.