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Selling inherited car. Advice?

  • 01-09-2021 11:06pm
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    HI all,

    my Mother in law has recently passed away and my wife was the executor to her estate. Part of my wifes inheritence was her mothers car. The probate process has now concluded and we have the car with my now deceased mother in laws name on the log book. We have a potential new buyer for he car but we are unsure how to process the transfer of ownership to the buyer. Again the car was left to my wife but her now deceased mams name is still on the log book.

    Can anyone please advise on how to proceed with this as the buyer wants everything done legitimately and by the book so we cant really just sign the log book in my mother in laws name and send it off to shannon.

    thanks in advance

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    Here's a good guide...

    Current Owner Deceased

    Where the current owner (seller) of the vehicle is deceased, a letter from the Executor of Will or Solicitor showing the buyer's right to the vehicle should accompany the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC).

    Where the VRC is not available or cannot be produced, we accept a declaration of ownership change in the form of a statutory declaration sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths or Practicing Solicitor. The Statutory Declaration must be also be accompanied by the aforementioned letter from Executor of Will or Solicitor.

    A Statutory Declaration Form can be got at your local Motor Tax Office.

    For payment if the buyer made the payment via bank transfer or deposit in to the bank account the executor has set up it would create a clear and transparent process to show how much was received for the car.

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    thanks for this. As my wife is the executor of will (and the inheritor of the car) would a hand written letter from her sent with the log book gratify this requirement for change of ownership?

    also is the 'Vehicle Registration Certificate' the logbook?