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Tokyo Marui Clear Out. SOLD

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    Hey guys, I’ve two lots I’m looking to put up today. Based in Lucan, can travel to Urban Assault (Simtac) and hobby.

    First is my TM Glock 17. Comes with 3 mags total. Internally it has a maple leaf hop up unit, I key, transformer hop rubber, and a 6.03 TBB. The magazines all have nineball gaskets in them. Externally it is stock except for the guarder night sights. Shooting at 285fps with .2s. Looking for €150.

    Second is my TM 416 Devgru. Comes with 7 mags total, all PTS 120 round EPMs. Internally this has a BTC Spectre mk2 mosfet installed by CRC customs. Carl also did his usual magic internally. It has an upgraded hop rubber and a 6.03 prommy TBB. Wired to deans batteries. Externally it comes with a foregrip, a quick detach suppressor and the PTS stock which can fit mostly all types of batteries. I also added a laylax trigger lock pin. This beats is shooting at 315 fps on .2s. Looking for €450.

    *Surefire x300 and PEQ not included in price

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