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Lucid Dreams



  • I never used to have sex dreams, but in my 40s I have started to very frequently and they are very vivid and very plausible, enacting fantasy scenarios that I have contemplated in real life but maybe not thought about for many years. That realism can translate into a lucidity, an awareness that although I know it couldn't possibly be happening, that it's real enough to be worth enjoying and that I intend to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

  • Has anyone had any success with the suggested techniques for inducing these, like setting your alarm for very early and then going back to sleep?

    Had more vivid and memorable dreams doing that for a bit, but never crossed into lucidity.

  • I smoked cannabis daily for years and decided to give it up a couple of years ago. The only noticeable difference after I quit was that my dreams were way more lucid an memorable. I'd remember them for a couple of days which was never a thing before.

    Another thing I noticed: People do not enjoy hearing about other people's nonsensical dreams.

  • Yes. I used to do it regularly. I have lost the habit / practice in recent years so it is now much more rare that it happens to me. But once I was able to do it pretty much all the time.

    Basically the practice involves 1) Identifying you are in a dream 2) Not throwing yourself out of sleep the moment you identify you are in a dream.

    It is a bit like the Douglas Adams concept in Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy where you can fly if you forget to hit the ground and then continue to not notice you have failed to hit the ground :) Anyone who has read that book will know what I mean here as to how Lucid Dreaming feels/works. You have to notice you are dreaming without paying too close attention to the fact you have just noticed you are dreaming.

    To achieve this for me involved the technique of - while awake - pretty much constantly questioning whether you are in a dream. Especially if things even remotely out of the ordinary happen. Usually for me it was when any tool or electronic failed to work as expected in any way. I got into the automatic habit when anything failed to work as 100% expected of questioning whether this was a dream or not. With my lucid dreams it turned out very often that light switches were a thing. If a light did not turn on or off when I used a switch - I very often found I was in a dream. I remember one other occasion vividly where an electric whisk seemed to be revolving in the wrong directions and it too was a dream.

  • Apparently our brains are unable to “create” people, so anyone we see in dreams are people we’ve already seen. I think that’s mental. We mightn’t know them, may have just passed them in the street, but our brain will implant them into dreams.

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  • Apparently if you draw a black dot⚫️ on your palm, and check it intermittently during the day, for a few days, you’ll be able to check your palm in your dream and if there’s no dot you know you are dreaming and can lucid dream that way.

  • Happened me recently. Had a lucid dream like that, was semi-aware and knew I’d gotten up to go to the loo not long before, so went with it. Woke up an hour or two later soaked.