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Jaguar [Netflix]


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    So a straight faced, Al-Pacino'less version of Hunters then? Good trailer though, very stylish.

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    Trailer looks good.

    Checked the 2 directors and 4 writers listed:

    All look to have worked mainly on Spanish shows I don't really know in the past. Same for some of the cast I checked.

    Anyway.. obligatory rewatch:

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    Has anyone jumped in?

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    Just started.

    1: That was all a bit chaotic at the start but I think the show creators got the idea across.

    At first I was like.. wtf is going on here, I could tell she was solo and they were a group but didn't consider they'd be willing to drop her for being too much of a liability. It reached the peak when they had the pliers on her finger.. I was like NOOOOOOOO don't lose a finger, not for this! what the hell!!

    Then it settled.

    I think it was her scene with the blood on the hand and remembering the house and the look on her face in the mirror. That got it hitting harder for me. Really brought home her arrival on the platform to join up with them. Before that, the emotion had felt a bit cold, maybe covering too much ground too fast.

    So, so far so intense and I get the feeling there'll at least be a bit of a change in the feel of the next episode.

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    2: The whole episode was so tense!

    So many times I was just like.. She must have been made, She must have been made!! She's lookin agitated, uncomposed and intense any time she's around the Germans! It's like she's gonna have a go at freakin ripping them apart with her bare hands at any moment.

    Then that scene with the waiter/manager guy and the gun in the bathroom.. wheeeww.. that really broke the tension a bit for me. I definitely felt a bit of relief and had a laugh at the look on the waiter/manager when she asked for more wine.

    Well anyway..

    It looks like they actually were made. I'm not sure was this all a test for her and maybe they've already got Bachmann pinned down to helping them using some blackmail.

    During this episode I found myself reminding myself that Spain was still facist at this point in time. Also looked up:

    Falangism has a disputed relationship with fascism as some historians consider the Falange to be a fascist movement based on its fascist leanings during the early years

    Unlike many other concentration camps, which were intended for all categories of prisoners, Mauthausen was mostly used for extermination through labour of the intelligentsia – educated people and members of the higher social classes in countries subjugated by the Nazi regime during World War II.

    Pretty sure the

    Woman in the Musuem has lost a daughter as part of all this at some time in the past

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    3: Well that's gotta be

    their cover blown.. a full on gunfight in this clubhouse.. spooking Bachman while tailing him in his car..

    I dunno. That intel about Heim might get them Heim but it feels like they're at a loose end now.

    And at the start

    with the Horse.. I don't have a clue what Bachmans point was there. Just seemed like he killed a Horse that probably cost him a bunch of money.

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    Agree with @Slydice above. Slightly chaotic at the outset. Good sense of who Isabel is, however. The car chase was a touch "hey, we can do Bourne/Bond too", but serviceable. The underground scene - soundtrack in motion, of course - had a confident swagger to it, I thought.

    The reveal of the arm tattoo was grim, plus 'may the Fuhrer watch over us', or whatever the line was.

    Strange as it may sound, I enjoyed hearing this whole topic being discussed in a language other than my own. Things are bound to go pear sharped at some point, - the stakes are very, very high.

    She touched the face of the devil, after all.

    Happy to sit in one of those old Mercs because they're damn cool. Now let us all take stealthy meetings in the local art gallery.

    Based on two episodes it's a B from me.

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    4: 😲

    Wasn't expecting the explosion! Feels like maybe someone in the team could be dead after that. Maybe the old man, Marsé (played by Francesc Garrido from imdb).

    I think that episode took care of my concerns about the structure of the last episode.

    Indeed they did acknowledge the blown cover. They worked it all out and worked around it. Felt good to see that.

    I liked how Deaf Guy (imdb: Sordo, played by Adrián Lastra)

    had gone after the young lad (imdb: Castro, played by Óscar Casas). I had been suspicious about the window signal for sure. It had felt at times like they could have had a mole. I'd been a bit reassured about the young lad because of the gunfight he did in the theatre though.

    You know.. in some scenes Deaf Guy reminds me a bit of Tom Hardy from Legend.

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    5: Well

    shit, looks like they'll all die there at the hospital.. or maybe be taken prisoner

    and it felt crap that Deaf Guy had been a Kapo.. I was like.. I know what that mean. The young lad connected the missing tongue for me then.

    and I haven't a clue about Isabel because I'm not sure she has a way to contact the Museum woman or to get Heim out to trial like they wanted.

    Roll on the last episode!

    For this one, early on I looked up chile 1962 31 May as it was written in a newspaper somone was holding.. It's a World Cup reference.

    Chile hosted that year:

    On that day, Czechoslovakia beat Spain 1-0.

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    Finished! Overall I thought this was a good series. Jeez I had my doubts there at points because the story didn't go in a straight line.. and the characters made mistakes.. but like.. they'd thought this one out. Just because some things went pear shaped doesn't mean they got ignored later on.

    If anything was a bit wierd for me it was the music.. but I'm not sure.. I think they might have been working with the music style from around the 60s back then. I'm not sure.

    6: Well..

    I swear I kept thinking with every flashback she had that the guys were all dead!!

    Right at that point where she went to kill the Doctor I was like.. yeah.. after what he just said.. I'd even been surprised she hadn't killed him already and thought it showed good development for her as part of this team.

    And well.. I think that episode really shored up the team nature they all have now.. as well as giving the Jaguar name.

    I don't think Bachmann could possibly get even one piece of info from Lucena.

    Future: I think a season two can be made and I'll be giving it a watch.

    Because definitely there's gonna be a season two and I need to know how she's gonna rescue Lucena, how the guys got away from the hospital and how they're gonna get Heim to the trial!.. as I'm guessing that's gonna happen!

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    The pace of this thing really moves along, by design and structure. It hits the accelerator fairly sharpish at times and the team can jump into anything at very short notice. I do give the producers and writers some credit here, because they just go for it. I mean, the end of episode 4

    was positively suicidal.

    The action too, such as the theatre sequence, seems underlined by some 'we're having some fun with this' vibe. I don't regard the show as particularly heavy, despite the core subject matter. If this were a slow burn it would be off the record conversations and dead drops and so on. Deaf Man also reminded me of Tom Hardy, but more so from Inception. The old guy might be most intriguing.

    His diary was haunting and it's good the show can have those moments.

    What, btw, is the story with the big arse text on the screen at times?! Tarantino/Western shout out?

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,501 ✭✭✭✭Slydice

    Not sure about why they used the text like that. Felt a bit spaghetti western to me.