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FedEx importer info required

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    Hi All

    I have a package from the UK stuck somewhere with FedEx, it says on hold customs clearance info from importer needed, has been like this since the weekend,

    I tried calling but I can only get a call center in India and they are not helping,

    Any ideas, I haven't done much from the UK since Brexit but the few items I've had from DPD the send an email/text with a link to pay, but nothing from FedEx?



  • tracking should tell where 'somewhere' is - presumably it's in customs. They may be looking for an EORI number or it could be simply a delay due to a lack of customs staff - it's been like this since the start of July

    I would ring again. I've found FedEx to be the more helpful of the couriers I use. (I always start by repeating their name and asking how they are doing today - costs nothing and gets them on your side). Thankfully I've never been put through to India - I find the accent difficult to understand over the phone.

    If that gets you nowhere, email them at [email protected] or [email protected]

    BTW if there's duty/VAT to be paid, FedEx will deliver and bill you later