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Siphon from a lake

  • 25-08-2021 9:22pm
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    Different location to my last water question which I must follow up....

    I'd like to bring water about 500 meters. Most of the pipe is 1 inch already on site and used with a petrol water pump to fill IBC tanks. What I'd prefer is to extend this pipe past the hill the tanks are currently located so I have a fall.

    The ground is undulating along the path of the current pipe. What I was thinking of doing is fill one of the IBC tanks firstly to have water on hand. Cap the lake end of the pipe when it's full of water, leaving the end of the pipe under water. At the highest point by the IBC tanks put on a vertical T to the pipe which I can also cap. Extend new pipe from the IBC tanks downhill and cap that end. Connect the old & new pipe and fill the new section of pipe with water from the T, should be a consistent fall so simpler than the first long section.

    If I have it thought out right, I should then remove the lake end cap, followed by the new end cap and I should have water flow? Do I need anything else like a non return valve.


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    It would be better if you could find a way to fill the new section from the bottom as this would ensure no air is trapped.

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    Ok, thinking about that, I could use my filled IBC tank to fill another IBC at the bottom, then use the water pump to effectively pump water back into the lake?

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    Join the pipes and fill ibc at the bottom. Leave off foot valve and pump from bottom up.put on foot valve and submerge and let it off at bottom.avoid tees and joints as most are not designed for suction or air.syphons seem to work best on 1/2inch,once you get into larger into larger pipes they tend to air lock

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    Typical that I'd have the inch in place!