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Marine aquarium forum?

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    Where do people discuss marine aquariums now?

    irishfishforum is gone, irishfishkeepers is not really active, I don't see a lot of discussion about it here.

    irishfishforum used to be great years ago.


  • I was just wondering the same thing. I'm thinking of getting started with a 120l tank & was looking around to see where it's discussed in Ireland.

    Maybe it's only on reddit now?

    Does anyone here use Irish Sea water in their tanks? I presume its safe to do so? It would save the load on my home ro di filter if I could use sea water.

  • I got all my water from Seahorse Aquariums. Sadly there doesnt seem much interest in Marine tanks. But I love it, even though I have struggled to get the water right :(

  • Getting water from the sea would definitely be cheaper. I'm just not sure how polluted it might be from industrial waste or boats.

  • I'd say the sea water should be fine and possibly even a good idea do add in a few nutrients once you the water from a clean area.

    I live in Galway at the end of the bay. So the flow in the bay isn't too big but I think it should still be clean enough on the blue flag beaches once there hasn't been flooding.

    In Dublin I'd say you could go to maybe colliemore Harbour in dalkey when the tide is nearly fully in. The current is strong there & should keep the water clean.

  • We should have a marine tank discussion here! I'm personally more into tropical/freshwater aquariums, but I'm always down to learn. 😅

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  • I made my first visit in over a year to Seahorse Aquariums yesterday, and it was a depressing vision. They are having great difficulties with supply of fish now due to covd and Brexit. The price of fish is going only one way and that is if they can even get supplies :( The future of stockist of marine in Ireland is in serioes doubt at this stage

  • That is pretty depressing. I am planning to get a marine tank again after a long break. I wonder if midland aquatic in Laois is in the same situation. Buying stuff online might be the only other option otherwise.

  • Even online is not much help for some items, just look at the prices of Yellow Tangs. They have gone through the roof, you would be lucky to even get one now as apparantly the breeders (in Singapore I think) were shut down