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Is womenz independence really a thing now? Or are we just an "allele" of olden times?



  • It's happened more than once that, I've bumped into dudes from those eastern european block of countries and they've said to me, "I love being in Ireland; know why? Cause I've never actually had sex with a woman from my own country.... except for prostitute".

    Just to get confirmation of the principle I suspect was at work underneath this situation, I once put it to this big Polish dude I somehow got to bumping chops with in a nightclub;

    I was like, "bruh, as I understand it, the culture of toxic masculinity in your country is so appalling and aversive to your female counter-parts, that most dudes end up losing their virginity to prostitutes; am I right..... ??".

    And he was like,

  • Normally if a gal is pretty enough (and I'm quoting a behavioral psychologist), she arranges a series of "suitors".

    i.e. dudes she can readily wrap around her finger.

    dude. Let it go. The receptionist didn’t like you because you creeped her out.

  • In other words, effeminization of men, on some level, is there something to be said for it?

    Well - there clearly is.

    Ted Kaczynski (una-bomber), oddly enough his manifesto was in relation to regression of civilization he felt technology was causing (of course the opposite is true - technology is the exclusive component driving civilization forward);

    But he felt men and women had a pre-disposed rift which he contended could only be addressed by men becoming more woman like.

    He actually became a cross-dresser as he felt relating to women was otherwise a biologically impossible task.


    One point supporting this is as previous, statistics on violence.

    I know some bitches that talk shit and instigate, but the reality is violence is 90%+ male initiated.

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