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Electrical Spec.

  • 17-08-2021 7:40pm
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    I'm currently building and fast approaching the time where I need to decide on Electrical Spec...i have a PC sum in build quote for 8k but not sure how far that will get me..

    So lads throw it out there at me. Are there things I should be thinking of now to try and get best bang for the buck.

    I'm thinking around things like cat6 cabling, cabling for security cameras, satellite cabling etc etc.

    Not forgetting outside cable for gate, yard lights etc.

    Any ideas hit me with em.



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    RCBO, cabling and external point for future electric car charging.

    data cables to all tv points. Wired connection is always better than WiFi.

    strategic placement of usb sockets.

    bed locations. Assume locker both sides, so get 2 sets of spin;e sockets both sides of bed. We all now have lamps, phones, watches and other devices that are plugged in so a double socket doesn’t cut it anymore.

    Cat5/6 (whatever is the current one) for PoE cameras

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    USB sockets are great but newer phones are going to USB-C now

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    I'd run cable down to the gate if you need them electric, or want an electric/ robot lawnmower/ christmas lights etc.