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Main drugs of abuse in Dublin - is this a reflection of the culture?

  • 15-08-2021 12:23pm
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    Mental acuity, self awareness, "presence of mind", functionality, personality.

    All these are a function of what is termed "cognition".

    Cognition =

    i.e. the mental/psychological act of efficiently processing information, be that information burdensome, traumatic, demanding, trivial.

    How we think and carry out this process on a biologic/physiological level is done by the nervous system, an amalgam of electrical pulses which encode and process information (brain area primarily responsible for this known as "executive function" is called the "prefrontal cortex", a subsection of more recent brain evolution, thought to be responsible for making us "human", self aware etc - see work of Heather Berlin for more specific research if that's your thing).

    Computing power is vastly enhanced by the process of signalling at cellular junctions.

    So out of one to two hundred billions nerve cells in the brain, with each cell holding the capacity for up to 10,000 inter cellular junctions (synapses) each - the encoding potential is huge.


    That is to say, the "cognitive" process, when it goes right the potential for success is huge, and when it goes wrong the potential for failure and devastation is equally intimidating.

    When the cognitive process goes wrong = as it is encoded and conducted by the neural system = by default the neural system goes wrong.

    i.e. efficient cognitive process dictates and determines functional (non-compromised) neural process.

    When the neural system is under stress, "exogenous" or synthetic chemicals which can interfere with its function (electrical pulses and chemical signalling) can be applied to relieve the associated systemic burden.


    What I'm saying is the overwhelming drugs of abuse in Dublin are opioids and downregulators ("downers"), mostly benzodiazapines (and more recently "Lyrica", another "downer").

    These act to reduce neural impulses thus alleviate oftentimes feelings of pain and anxiety caused by an over-excited or "hyper-firing" nervous system.

    Is this indicative of Dublin city culture in some capacity, that it instates a way of thinking (aka a way of information processing, aka a "cognitive state" in conformants to its culture) which is almost inherently maladaptive and detrimental to those predisposed with a genetically "weaker" mind (genotype)?

    The solution to Dublins drug problem will come from the top down, system down, government decisions and policy.

    It's not going to resolve itself from the bottom up, so do policy makers (and I'm looking at you Catherine Martin, minister for culture, almost certainly in liaison with other ministers to ensure these decisions can come to pass), need to really take stock of their protocols if they really want to improve quality of life and living in our capital?


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    PS - do you like how I can stunt on ya'll with all those big words and difficult sounding terminology?



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    Sweet suffering Jesus, Mary and Joseph johnjoe 😳

    Yes, btw, in answer to you question, my answer is yes, they do. I’m certain they do that much already though.

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    Certain hmm?

    Well if they do already, their insights and thus effective policy application are clearly lacking cause not much is changing or improving.

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    Usually the over-excited or hyper-firing nervous system is after the crack, then the benzos and opioids are to sort the head out.

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    Another one of those threads that makes no sense to anyone other than the OP?

    Like that one about hypocrites who weren't actually hypocrites?

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    How often do you see some speed freak or coke head laid out on the boardwalk or side of the street.

    That's the point.

    In terms of homelessness and drug use, their drugs of choice are consistently downers;


    From a neurological viewpoint the only conclusion is that this drug class addresses a specific neural and thus cognitive complaint.

    Not effectively, not sustainably, and with terrible health consequences but the point to look at is - what is it about the city culture that's giving rise to a cognitive malfeasance of this nature?

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    You know actually in relation to this I just gotta throw out an interdasting point also.

    Graham Hancock - millionaire and best selling author, wrote "Fingerprints of the Gods" which explores ancient and supposedly advanced civilizations that went MIA in the sands of time.

    Appeared several times on Joe Rogans podcast (he often interviews publishers).

    His contention, "policy makers should be obliged to hit LSD at least five times before coming into office".

    The point is, as people we're predisposed to think about things relative to our locale.

    Relative to our immediate environment, relative to what said locale considers "normal", as deviation from this relative to the locale conservatives is kind of taboo (and nobody wants to upset the apple cart).

    But the point is the outcome of policy making from this boxed in viewpoint is often subpar, for the simple reason that laws underpinning functionality are universal, not locale.

    A psychedelic like LSD supposedly gets you out there in the universe pretty good and Hancock's contention is that policy makers NEED that perspective to instate functional protocol.


    I can't see Catherine Martin or Leo get slammed on LSD/DMT/tryptamines or dissociatives like PCP/ketamine but, I'm just saying a sound change of perspective is never a bad thing.

    Hell even my dude Simon Patterson is an advocate for the cause;

    "LSD LSD LSD LSD LSD" - lol, love it ❤️

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    Good copypasta in OP, Mr F.

    Not your ornery onager

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    I love some hyper-firing, over excited wordiness.

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    "Coke Heads" but cocaine is an upper not a downer

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    I think it was Robin Williams who said "taking coke, is God's way of telling u, you have too much money", so I don't know why the OP associates it with homelessness.

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    Just FYI, optimal cognitive function (thinking which processes environmental demands optimally) over rides the benefits of any drug.

    But in its absence, neural affects of drug introduction overcompensate for cognitive deficits.

    The point is, policy makers clearly do not have optimal cognitive function, that's the point Graham Hancock was making;

    Neural enhancement in their case, may lend itself to altered/improved cognitive function and perspective = improved policy deduction and affect.

    Maybe the dude just needs a couple weekends in Amsterdam, a few visits to the psychedelic shops, to finally get his head out of his ass (no offence bruh), is kind of what I'm alluding to.

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    I think he has had too many weekends in Amsterdam over the years

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    "Stunt" as in "I be stuntin' on fools".

    Primarily adapted from african-american subculture dialect.

    That particular phase has been in circulation for some time but became largely popularized through 2006 "dirty-south" rap music release, "Stuntin' Like My Daddy":

    .... composed and performed by "Birdman", and his "son" - "Lil Wayne" (lol, what is the deal with these people?).

    It basically means to behave extravagantly or to "show off".

    As per video, they're riding "chromed out" motorcycles with excessively modified features etc.


    I used that reference as a preemptive satire against detractors that may feel the terminology in the OP was excessively complex, intended to confound or basically exhibit supposedly superior intellect etc.;

    I say that as in actual fact by neurology terms it's highly dumbed down but, to those with no neuro or cellular biology familiarity, it may have come across like I was.... "stuntin'....".

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    What drugs do you take OP? maybe we can tune into you.