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Mk 7.5 GTE - yes or no?

  • 14-08-2021 2:02pm
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    First post here so please bear with me.

    Currently driving a 2017 Golf 1.6 TDI & to be honest getting a bit bored with it due to the 90bhp mainly, and also would like to change to auto too. Considered a remap but not sure if this is the best route with the other options out there. Was recently looking at a Mark 7.5 2018 Golf GTE as a GTI would be out of my price range & wouldn't be easily insured at 21. The particular GTE I was looking at is a one owner company car UK import with roughly 60k miles, white with tartan interior (my dream in a GTI since I was a child so this is a good thing). Anything to look out for on these at this mileage apart from full service history etc?

    My only fear, in the long run would I run into more issues with a PHEV drivetrain (battery packs etc.) than say a standard diesel/petrol engine? Would it be best to stick with my TDI until a mk 7.5 GTI looks more realistic?

    Also looking at the specs for electirc, it can get around 30km on a full charge. When this is gone, surely you cant solely be relying on a 1.4 TSI engine to power the car, what way does the hybrid system work in these? Is it a case of the battery 'dying' and it becoming a standard petrol, or does it work say like a Corolla hybrid alternating between both depending on driving conditions? My daily mileage is about 50km round trip to work, with a charging point there also.

    Any help or suggestions much appreciated!


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    When the electric only range runs out it works like a regular hybrid. Engine will cut out at lights and will kick in when you accelerate. You will always have the full 205bhp tho even if there is no electric range remaining.

    The hybrid side of things generally doesn’t give much trouble, and it has a 100k mile warranty.

    I’ve had two GTE’s and would highly recommend them.