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Reporting purchased food issue to FSAI and/or supplier

  • 11-08-2021 3:09pm
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    Okay I have read the statement of food safety advice, but I do not believe this issue is food safety per say.

    I know the issue and this is just about if there is a need/responsibility to report it?

    So while away last week on a short break, we bought a few pots of Jam from a small retailor, supplied by a small/medium Irish producer.

    Upon opening the second marmalade Jar , I saw immediately a bug (As the jam is translucent), just below the surface of the Jam.

    It is a small woodlouse, and looks perfectly preserved (Pun intended) in the jam. This leaves me to assume it fell in after the jam was made, during packaging?

    The first pot we used was raspberry, so no chance of seeing anything in that, and its all gone now!!

    This is not about any kind a claim, as the total price is under €10 and we did not eat anything from this particular jar.

    (Some small good will/refund Im sure would be offered in any case)

    But should I report this to the Business and/or FSAI for them to follow up in any way, from a general food safety point of view?

    Should the premises be checked for any ongoing issue, or confirm that maybe this is purely a once off issue?

    The Jar in question dose have a Batch number on the label.

    Sorry one additional question I wanted advice on, to be clearer...

    Should I report to the business only and trust/hope they review themselves appropriately.

    Or should I also report to the FSAI to ensure it is at least recorded, even if only for any patterns they might see?


  • Registered Users Posts: 8,416 ✭✭✭Gloomtastic!

    This isn't food safety as we know it so carry on........

    The Gloomster!

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    Personally, I'd report it to the manufacturer.

    They will, I have no doubt, take it very seriously. No manufacturer wants this kind of thing happening and will, certainly, review their practices. If you don't get a satisfactory response, perhaps, report them.

    I'd also say not to judge too harshly over this. It can easily happen and the most reputable producers can get foreign bodies in their products. Letting the company know, will help.

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    I agree, contact the manufacturer first and judge for yourself how seriously they take your report. If you feel they genuinely appreciate your feedback and are going to look into it and take measures to ensure it won't happen again, then leave it there. If you just get a brush off, then consider contacting the FSA.