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Bergara B14R .22LR

  • 09-08-2021 5:28pm
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    I thought I'd share my experiences to date with my new Bergara 22LR.

    It's currently sitting in a KRG Bravo with a Triggertech Diamond installed.

    Out of the box in the factory stock it was reasonably accurate but was prone to throwing oddball flyers. One particular 10 shot group had seven in a nice ragged round hole and then three appeared randomly outside that. On that particular string it was the last three but it could be the first or the last shot, made no odds. This was across several top brands of ammo: Tennex, RWS R50, various SKs, Lapua Center-X, I was as well have thrown Midas at the target. RWS R50 came out as the best as in the one that threw the least amount of flyers.

    I'm not the greatest shot in the world however off a bench with a front rest and a bunny ear rear bag I knew when it was the rifle rather than me. I'll put up targets below from Saturday past after I got to the bottom of the problem and the bad shots are driver error.

    So, into a KRG Bravo and the problem only got worse but it was also failing to feed correctly. The rifle is supposed to drop fit all Remington 700 stocks/triggers/bases but I've read of issues with some components. For example the Trigger tech Diamond won't work in some peoples rifles but I've had no issues. I tried to fix the feeding issue, after a bit of research I started playing with the trigger guard position to adjust the mag well so the magazine offered up the round properly. A hour of messing about and I was no further on. Note flyers were coming thick and fast now which hinted at the problem but the penny hadn't dropped yet. Back into the factory stock and more of the same with flyers etc. The mod was removed at some stage to remove it as a possible cause, in checking everything was nicely tightened down I also changed out the scope, I wasn't used to the dot in the Sightron so wanted to remove as many possibilities as I could.

    I was about to go testing various torque settings when I thought about some of the groups I'd fired like the seven shot above, well if a rifle can do that it's accurate, something is up. So I loaded and ejected 10 rounds and half of them came out damaged. I had ordered a Vudoo magazine as spare Bergara ones were impossible to find but it wouldn't work again with cross compatibility, so people use them to problem. So again with a bit of research and a small bit of shaving and it was running in the factory stock and rounds weren't being damaged. I thought I'd chance the KRG again and flawless feeding and ejection.

    On the range on Saturday I fired the below, was in a bit of a rush but signs are promising. Both targets at 50 yards.

    Back to the drawing board on ammo testing as any results to date are skewed.

    RWS R50 - there's another similar group on the top right. Top tip, take a pic of yer targets before pulling them down on a rainy day.

    I was shooting top right to left and then left to right. I wasn't solid in my position and you can see the vertical creeping in.

    Tennex - I fired the Tennex as an afterthought before I packed up. No seasoning of the barrel with it or anything. I doubt that would show any effect at my level anyway.

    I am extremely relieved, I know the above isn't wonderful but it can be worked on and it's me and not the rifle.

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    Glad you got the problem sorted. You will be able to get some proper ammo testing done now.

    Does the trg bipod fit the bravo stock or did you have to modify anything to make it fit ?

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    Clips in the same as it does on the TRG. Literally made for it but when I contacted KRG before ordering the Bravo I got a fairly noncommittal "it should work" type answer.

    Note though if your thinking of it on a Remington 700 or Tikka there could be an issue with barrel clearance. It works with my 700 with a standard varmint barrel but a bull barrel would run into trouble. I read somewhere recently of lads having the same issue rebarreling a TRG, needing to consider the profile to accommodate the bipod.

    On getting it sorted - bit of a fluke but I'm happy, it was coming between me and my sleep.

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    Excellent rreport and nice rig.

    If you want to "step up" the testing consider a Chronograph. The information from it will/may help solve any issues with flyers or outers. Worse case scenario it'll eliminate ammo inconsistency as a possible issue.

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    Thanks Cass. It's funny, a brick of ammo is in the same ball park cost wise but I shy away from buying a crono.

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