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Switching careers from law to HR - help

  • 04-08-2021 7:18pm
    Registered Users Posts: 56 ✭✭ lalala85


    Ive been toying with the idea of switching from law to HR for a very long time; if I had to estimate, I’d say maybe 8 years. I’ve been in law now for 10 years, working as a solicitor. Whilst the pay is good, I hate the lifestyle, the intense pressure, the stress and the inability to plan anything as I pretty much need to be available and “on” 7 days a week. I have two young kids and just want a normal 9 to 5 job.

    I have always been attracted to HR; I think because of the legal side to it and the people management side. I feel my skills as a solicitor are very transferable.

    I have made a couple of enquiries over the years with recruiters and each time I’ve gotten the same response, that it will not be an easy transition for me. I find this hard to believe.

    I’ve enrolled in a higher diploma in human resource management course.

    Has anyone done this transition before?

    Can someone in HR please tell me how to get into the sector? Every recruiter keeps telling me I need about 6 years experience but cannot tell me how I can actually get that experience/get my foot in the door.

    Feeling very disillusioned by it all.


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    Your law skills will be invaluable in a HR speciality like Employee Relations where much of the work is within policy interpretation and application, negotiation with staff representatives, representing the employer in WRC/Labour Court, investigating complaints/misconduct etc.

    Getting a HR qualification and some generalist experience is essential.

    Would you consider possibly moving into Employment Law with a known firm to transition? I would think you could move from that to Employee Relations in house fairly easily