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American Rifle Magazines

  • 03-08-2021 8:49pm
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    Just a quick shout out to this above company. If you need replacement mags for your Marlin rifles or want some 10 rounders for your Remington 783 bolt actions Id highly recommend this company. Rob the owner/president is a pleasure to deal with and went out of his way to help and assist in shipping these mags for the better half Marlin. In an age where it is easier to say "We don't ship outside CONUS",this was a pleasant surprise to find a company who [1] knew the law and [2] had no bother doing the sale.

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    Yea it's hateful when you track something down and it's CONUS only. Was looking for something recently and thought I'd use An Post Addresspal, no PO boxes. Luckily I've an obliging cousin. In fairness with the market as big as it is I can see why a lot of companies don't bother.

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