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Looking to get my Steel Dutch cruiser repainted

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    I have a 37 Foot Steel hull Dutch cruiser and I am looking to get it re painted and I am wondering has anyone done this recently and and provide contacts etc? I am based in Banagher, Co.Offaly



  • Boat refinishings in Albert Marina did ours a few years back. Actually the paint reacted and it had to be redone but they put everything right and the job was perfect in the end - just one of those things but Joe was good as his word. I think he’s the best on the Shannon. A friend used lakeside marina to replate and repaint. Prepare for a hefty bill as the amount of work to repaint a boat properly is enormous.

    Make sure you get a solid quote and agree a path forward should bad corrosion be found.

  • Thanks Ferris, Really good advice, I will follow up on this in the quote stage.