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Great British Food Shortages - Brexit or "Pingdemic"??

  • 31-07-2021 1:19pm
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    Seems to be contradictory claims on food shortages sweeping across Great Britain. Some are blaming the "pingdemic", others blaming Brexit. More and more stories and images from GB suggests a serious developing issue somewhere with a lot of bare shelves and placeholders where product used to be.

    Our shelves appear to be full and we don't seem to have this issue. This seems the same on the continent.

    There are drivers and some stores coming out now and warning people saying this is 100% Brexit, that there are not enough drivers and the ones who left simply won't go back. Also that it's just much more difficult to do trade with the EU.

    If it is the "pingdemic" this might sort itself soon. If it's not and empty shelves continue to get worse there could be serious political consequences sooner rather than later.

    What do think? Is this a consequence of Brexit or have the media there been covering up these supply problems under the guise of a "pingdemic"?