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fiances fortieth birthday



  • I know someone who went to London to buy a Burberry bag. The saving vs the Dublin price more than paid for the flights and a night in a hotel.

    That was before Brexit, and now you'd have to declare it, but worth considering.

    I tend to appreciate mechanical things, I'd have no trouble with spending that money on a watch, mountain bike or nicer car. I wouldn't personally spend it on a bag, but it's just a different form of craftsmanship really.

  • I was contemplating buying tickets for a particular musical in the UK and already the show has been rescheduled and dates pushed out numerous times. Additionally the whole travel thing is very much up in the air.

    I'd probably go with the bag - it's definitely the less hassle and safer option in these times.

  • not sure those attachments were possible to view earlier so here is something which looks interesting , 1997 model

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  • I know you want it to be a surprise, but if you're planning on buying a "pre loved" bag for that kind of money, you really need to run it past your wife first. She may prefer a "vintage" one, but similarly it could wind up being a very expensive mistake.

  • This post here ^ read it over and over.

    I would never like to spend the kind of money on a bag that's being talked about here. I think the whole thing is absolute nonsense and is created as a means for people who have more money than sense (millionaires etc.) to spend their money. That said, if I was in your situation, OP, I'd just bite the bullet and bring her shopping and for a nice meal. If you want it to be a surprise, just tell her you're going to go for a meal and give her a hair/makeup/whatever voucher beforehand. Then announce at the meal that 'sure why don't we pop over to look at the chanel bags, wink wink'.

    That way it's still a surprise, but she gets to pick the bag herself. And you know for sure that she really likes it and will cherish it and wear it with pride. Rather than risking her feigning 'ohhh.. yea.. I.. love it' when you produce a second-hand bag you got online that she hates.

    It's far too risky. I'd rather spend €8k and know I can rest assured she's a happy camper, than spend €4k on something that'll never leave the wardrobe 'to keep it safe'.

    Also, as another poster suggested above, I would assume that the shopping experience is a large part of buying a bag in the first place.

  • That one is nice but Mad Maxx people who like Channel can be really picky about exact one they want.

    I know from a blogger that some obsessed with a 'boy' chanel bag others want a classic flip etc.

    Now I have absolutely no idea what that all means but if you financee is that into the Chanel bags do not pick a random 2nd hand one just bring her shopping!

    The only thing I can compare it with is getting my eternity ring after I had my 1st child. The whole excitement was going into fancy jewellers and picking it out!

    You can't bring those 2nd hand bags back + it would be mad money to spend if she diesnt even like it!

  • There is nothing wrong with pre loved items but not as a gift for for a fortieth birthday.

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  • I actually brought this topic up with my mother after reading this thread and she said the trip rather than bag but then again she doesn't own anything expensive. Not her thing.

    If those bags really are that expensive I wouldn't buy one as a surprise(incase you get the wrong one)

    Maybe wait till her 40th birthday and say on the day bag or holiday and let her decide and if she wants the bag she can pick the one she wants.

  • It costs several thousand, a second hand chanel is not the same as a second hand pair of runners

  • Setting aside the fact that I probably wouldn't have that much to spend on a birthday present. If the bag is "in budget" it seems like a no brainer. And if you're not sure of specific bag either buy with ability to return and swap or as said above just bring her to the shop and surprise her with the fact she can actually buy one.

    "while she has always talked about how she would love a Chanel bag more than anything on earth , I have in mind to.."

    I read this as "I 100% know she would love the bag, by I'm thinking of getting her something else"

  • Yeah but there's a difference between a "vintage" Chanel bag, and a 2nd hand one. A vintage one would be a collector's item and could cost as much or more than a new one. The ones on that designer exchange website would fall into the category of 2nd hand or "pre loved". I know it's not the same as a pair of runners, but some of the bags listed as in "great" condition do look... used. You'd also need to see if they come with all the little accessories that a new one would come with, like the fancy box and dust bag and authenticity card.

    If her dream is to own a Chanel bag, it's pretty likely she's picturing a shiny new one, and if you surprise her with a pre-owned one, she may be disappointed. If you're going to go down the pre-owned route, you really need to run it past her first, maybe let her choose which one. If you're really not comfortable dropping 8k or whatever on a bag for her, then don't. However, I'd steer clear of booking trips away because of all the uncertainty about travel at the moment.

  • I'm ridiculously fussy with handbags. The smallest buckle or stitching or size of logo can put me right off.

    OH got me an expensive bag picked out by his sister once. It was...nice, but not my style. She likes crossbody ones, I wanted a clutch at the time. A chanel bag is a once in a lifetime gift, and unless you know whether she would love vintage, new, coloured, plain, etc it really is best to let her pick it out.

    It'd be like her picking out your dream car. That one that if you had enough money, you'd own and know exactly what model, year, colour, interior & features you have your heart set on that you saw once as a young man and hankered after since. She, on the other hand, knows very little about cars, and especially the specifics of your dream one and thinks fancy ones are a total waste of money when a basic 1.4 Golf does the job perfectly. Which would you prefer - her picking you out that once in a lifetime purchase or her saying "here's your budget, go find that dream car you are always on about"? It's still a fabulous surprise.

  • Two nights in Kensington in October booked with a show in West end

    Do the bag thing some other time

  • Good decision in my opinion.

  • Right decision imo but just on the idea of doing a vintage anything for a big birthday: get a vintage one from the year of her birth.