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Paperwork Car - how long to keep for

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    Hi all,

    I had a quick search but couldn't find a similar thread.

    How long should I keep the paper work for a car.

    For example I've recently changed car, had the old one for about 10 years. I keep all the insurance stuff, since it is proof of no-claims.

    I had kept all of the service receipts from the mechanic but now with the new car I can't think of any reason to keep them.

    What about tax disks,or the receipt of tax disks, I'm leaning towards tossing them but thought that I'd check here first.

    Does anyone have any rule or thumb for this thing or did anyone encounter a weird situation that made you wish that you had held onto something?


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    I can't think of any reason to keep anything beyond the log book, insurance cert, service history, nct cert, and the car manual.

    Its all pretty much computerised nowadays and you can get replacements if damaged by third party fire or theft.

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    I'm a bit anal with that sort of stuff

    the last car I got rid of I had from new for 10 years.

    every single bit of paperwork was in the folder ... original sales quote and order docket, all service records, receipts for bulbs, NCT certs wipers, tyres, repairs etc.

    along with all old tax, insurance, NCT discs

    it was a lovely folder and I felt really sad handing the lot over !!

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    I usually hand over the service printouts and any other documentation I have for the car when selling on. Old tax disks are left in the tax disk holder inside the car anyway so that is never an issue for me. I never bother keeping the tax disk receipts once I have received the disk.

    Unless you are changing insurance regularly then I wouldn't worry about keeping the certs either. You can anyways call the insurance company for a copy but as most come by email these days, they don't take up any space to keep.

    If you want to keep the old service information for sentimental reasons then that is fine, otherwise shred it as you're needlessly keeping hold of old information for something you no longer own.

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    I'm the same!

    I passed on a car I had for 17 years and had a folder with every piece of documentation in it. I gave the new owner all I had such as tax discs, NCT certs and receipts for everything and they were well impressed. It didn't necessarily add much to the selling price...but it helps.

    For my current car, the previous owner had likewise and even had a receipt for a small bottle of touch up paint for a chip repair (7 euro or thereabouts) and also gave me the bottle.

    Once you sell a car then there is no need to keep anything - but I do keep the insurance stuff, the rest is handed over with the car.

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    Thanks all for the replies, looks like I've got a lot of shredding to do (also need to buy one).

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    He sold the Car in question. Surely he passed on the NCT Cert, manual, etc to the new owner, and sent the log book (VLC) off to Shannon.....

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