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4 Day week

  • 20-07-2021 2:03pm
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    We are looking at implementing a 4 day week for our staff, has anyone else started this process? What is the best way to implement this whilst maintaining the current level of productivity, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks John from Lyons Health LTD T/A Lyons Financial Services


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    I think one needs to have a stronger insight into your industry.

    If it's just office work, it's probably easier. If I as an employee was given the choice between working 8 hours for 5 days, or 10 hours for 4 days, I would try the 4 days. However this doesn't fit everyone. In times of mandatory office presence, it sure saves on fuel and the commute, thus it's more environmentally friendly. From a customer service orientation it's probably a hard one, not being there to look after clients / customers on a Friday?

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    The assumption around a 4 day week is everyone works Mon - Thursday but that does not have to be the case. half working M-T and the other Tues to Fri means half people there and so on