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5% of Covid cases have been fully vaccinated - which is great news in a way!!



  • The CDC director yesterday said this would be a "pandemic of the unvaccinated". Sure a few people who are vaccinated are going to get into trouble, but it's clear from the statistics that the vaccines are doing a good job at reducing personal risk from Covid. Thankfully we have great uptake in this country, if we can just keep cases down until has had a chance to take a vaccine if they want one we'll be in a great place. After that the anti-vaxxers can have a big Covid party amongst themselves.

  • This itself is scaremongering.

    One person hospitalised out of 2.5 million vaccinated.

    Basically odds of 2,500,000 to 1.

  • What a load of utter sh1te.

    Join the 5g causes covid shower of fools. You'll meet Gemma O'Doherty and John waters on your way.

    Sad that some people are just this stupid.

  • The title of this thread is not great news at all. When a vaccinated person gets infected with COVID (breakthrough) the virus has worked out how get around the particular vaccine defence that the individual has been given. Once inside the body this breakthrough virus will replicate itself. During the transmission stage the virus will have the ability to spread to other individuals and over time possibly mutate again. This is what viruses do. The myopic view that when the vast majority of the population are vaccinated it will be a panacea for this virus is simply incorrect. What scientist around the world hope for, is that over time, the COVID virus will mutate to become commonplace but nothing more severe than a cold. The current vaccination programme is sciences attempt to prevent death or serious damage to the bodies organs from the virus as the virus mutates to a more docile form. During this journey, from time to time, the virus may mutate (for example the delta variant) and become more transmissible and affect different age groups, this is what viruses do.

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  • I totally disagree with you. This one case was only mentioned on the radio to show people that the vaccine is not 100% & that vaccinated people should still be careful & not let their guard down. Its not said to imply that the vaccine doesn't work. It works far better than most vaccines. The problem is that some of the vaccinated communities believe that they are 100% protected and are behaving so when there is still a risk of them getting severe or even long term covid.

    No one is claiming that the vaccine doesn't work.

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  • They only release figures and stats that fit the narrative. They have no interest in how irrelevant this virus is now.

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  • Well, the OP did mention getting his or her info from google news and irish media.

  • The figures are released alright and all information is out there. However sensationalist and hysterical reporting means that the media have absolutely no interest in giving positive news.

    The media twist announcements, they ask pointed questions and publish the answers out of context especially with their wild headlines.

    Many people won't read past the sensationalist headlines and then start spreading mis information.

    That then gets really really stupid thick eejits to make sinister calls - then the moronic media that put the mis information out create a new story about the "disgrace" of the sinister calls.

    They created the basis for the calls in the first place.

  • Aren't you the poster who said that anti-vaxx loon Alex Berenson was "well worth a follow" on Twitter?

    I assumed you were being sarcastic but judging by the above post you must've been serious.

    Cop on

  • I would love to see your calculations here.

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  • 4 Vaccines in use in Ireland

    Astrazeneca - used in 22% of people, efficacy of 59.5%

    Pfizer/Bio - Used in 63% of people, efficacy of 95%

    Moderna - Used in 8.7% of people, efficacy of 94.1%

    J&J - used in 6% of people Efficacy of 66.3% overall

    So with all the above figures combined Ireland sees 5% of new cases in the fully vaccinated, therefore an efficacy of 95%

    I'm thinking 2 things

    1. We have a lot of immunity in our population from previous infections
    2. People are catching it but they are not getting sick (because of the vaccines) therefore not presenting to testing centres or their GP

    None of this is bad news in my opinion

  • The other bit of maths is that the majority of those vaccinated are also those with older, less effective immune systems vs. the trials which would have had a broad range of ages, as we go younger, the % vaccinated testing positive should drop accordingly.

  • They should still test positive if they are PCR tested, even if they are asymptomatic, as far as I am aware the trial participants were regularly PCR tested

    But for those who get missed by contact tracers yes your point is correct and pretty much is my second one above