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Covid India great news!

  • 15-07-2021 4:52pm
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    India’s new case numbers keep dropping. Now just over 30,000 a day. Six weeks to eight weeks ago they had numbers in the high 300,000s. This is great news. Why is it not widely reported as it was reported widely when they had very high numbers in May? And what is the reason for the new case numbers to drop so dramatically?



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    Great news doesnt sell.

    Waves pass through a population.

    People take precautions when numbers are high and r falls.

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    I'd agree with that and add the widespread use of Ivermectin.

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    Yes you would expect the people in India to have taking more precautions when the numbers got so high in May. It is difficult to know if this accounts for such a dramatic reduction in new cases numbers and deaths in under two months. Whatever the reason/reasons for the reduction you would think the media would have a really good story to tell and we might all learn something from what India are doing.

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    Yes I have read a few articles from Indian publications saying Ivermectin is being widely used in four Indian states - Goa, Uttarkhand, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. So you would expect that Ivermectin is another reason that accounts for such a dramatic reduction in new case numbers and deaths. Very disappointing that our media does not report this.

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    Forgive me but how is Ivermectin stopping transmission? Reducing the death count maybe but reducing case numbers?

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    'Ivermectin is the answer! Look at all the preliminary papers that have been published while ignoring every negative meta-analysis'

    "The Elgazzar study was one of the the largest and most promising showing the drug may help Covid patients, and has often been cited by proponents of the drug as evidence of its effectiveness. This is despite a peer-reviewed paper published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in June finding ivermectin is “not a viable option to treat COVID-19 patients”.

    Meyerowitz-Katz told the Guardian that “this is one of the biggest ivermectin studies out there”, and it appeared to him the data was “just totally faked”. This was concerning because two meta-analyses of ivermectin for treating Covid-19 had included the Elgazzar study in the results. A meta-analysis is a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies to determine what the overall scientific literature has found about a treatment or intervention.

    “Because the Elgazzar study is so large, and so massively positive – showing a 90% reduction in mortality – it hugely skews the evidence in favour of ivermectin,” Meyerowitz-Katz said.

    “If you remove this one study from the scientific literature, suddenly there are very few positive randomised control trials of ivermectin for Covid-19. Indeed, if you get rid of just this research, most meta-analyses that have found positive results would have their conclusions entirely reversed.”"

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    Can one of the geniuses hailing Ivermectin as the next miracle solution explain how a drug whose use and supposed benefit is treating those already infected in hospital has been able to reduce transmission rates?

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    It doesn’t.

    You’re much more likely seeing the impact of social measures and a population that started taking controlling transmission seriously again after a shock.

    We’ve seen this repeated in many countries over the pandemic, including here after Christmas.

    It flies up exponentially, and when starved of hosts, it collapses back almost as dramatically. It’s highly transmissible, but not capable of hanging around in the environment for very long, so once the transmission chains are broken, it dies back fast.

    India’s vaccination rate still isn’t anywhere near high enough yet to account for it either.

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    I agree with FuzzyThinking above and I was going to talk about Ivermectin share prices but when I searched for the prices I decided just to show the search.

    For horses? for cattle? for humans? We're 6th in the search list for a parasitic removal drug developed in the 70s, and a horse is being wormed is before human usage... 🤑😱

    I'm OK with Pfizer thanks! 👍️

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    Do one take ivermectin the whole time or once you get infected.

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    Early treatment prior to admission will reduce the viral load you are breathing out and thus reduce transmission.

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    It's not ivermectin lads.

    They went into lockdown. Cases went down. Now they're out, let's see what happens.

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    Can't give medical advice here and Ivermectin isn't authorised in Ireland. Have a look at the FLCCC protocols for research purposes:

  • Registered Users Posts: 302 ✭✭Piollaire

    Ivermectin is an anti-viral and anti-parasitic that works well in both humans and other animals. It is off-patent and cheap which means no pharma company is going to make super profits off it. It's being used in India because it is cheap and effective.

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    It's good news in a way but it's just the trough part of the doom cycle before the ascent toward the next peak. Rinse/repeat.

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    What odds, its effective, cheap and very safe.

    Replace Ivermectin in your question with any of these Covid vaccines (Take your pick) you get the same answer. Reducing symptoms is the main marketing point of these vaccines, You can still catch and spread covid while vaccinated with these.

    “Follow the trend lines, not the headlines,”

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    Vaccines have robust data backing their effectiveness against COVID, Ivermectin still doesn't.

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,747 ✭✭✭✭wes

    Good to hear things have improved. I hope the government gets it act together and prevents another wave in a few months time.

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    I wouldn't go singing the praises of Ivermectin just yet. It might well work on Covid but anti-parasitic usually have horrendous side effects as they don't differentiate human cells from the parasitic ones. It really isn't something you want to be taking to casually combat covid. There's no way it will get approved to combat covid by the EMA and rightfully so.

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    It was more of a question for Run For The Hill brigade. Same with hydroxychloroquine.

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    There is a reason that drugs get approved in places like India and the EU and USA are having none of it.

    It's not your standard anti-vaxxer conspiracy lunacy about big pharma not being interested in anything that doesn't make huge profits. If Ivermectin worked, the first drug company to generate evidence of this would have a multi, multi-billion euro product on their hands overnight.

    I don't know how you tally big pharma conspiracy with them leaving so much money on the table. It's Trumpian logic.

    Ivermectin is being recommended in India because they were desperate and had no other options. The Indian government doesn't really believe it works. They just had to do SOMETHING. In Europe and USA, we're lucky to have health services and vaccines that India simply doesn't and we don't need to be throwing snake oil at very sick people.

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    Once you get infected through the infection until you're clear. And just to make sure, I'm talking about infections with lice crabs or tapeworms, because this is what it works on.

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    Below is a message on Telegram by the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group

    BiRD Group Channel

    BiRD has received some queries about The Guardian article on Professor Elgazzar et al’s study. We can confirm that our meta analysis clearly shows that ivermectin reduces deaths when used to treat covid whether the Elgazzar data are included or excluded. The Guardian’s quote that removing these data reverses the findings of most meta analyses is false. A formal press release will be issued shortly. ~ BiRD

    4.2K viewsTessarary, 14:13

    It will be interesting to see their response later on...

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,553 ✭✭✭Yellow_Fern

    I really dont know what is happening in India but I talk daily to an Indian doctor working on the front line and I can tell you, there very very few social distancing restrictions enforced there.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,983 ✭✭✭smurfjed

    Weren’t they also using cow dung, not sure if they did any scientific tests on it, but they apparently jailed a reported who questioned its use.

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    Yeah you would expect that the shock of the numbers they were getting two months ago would make the people much more cautious by adhering to social distancing, cleaning hands etc. I have never been to India, so I am really only going on assumptions but I'd expect a very large portion of the Indian population live in cramped living conditions with poor sanitation facilities. If this is the case can social distancing restrictions alone account for such a dramatic drop in new case numbers and deaths in India over the past two months? We mainly have the Delta variant here also with social distancing restrictions and the numbers are going up.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,553 ✭✭✭Yellow_Fern

    I think social distancing restrictions in India couldn't possibly explain it. As you say, people live on top of each other. They dont hug or shake hands as much as Europeans but they do live very close together. They are making great progress with vaccines and there could also be seasonal factors.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,235 ✭✭✭lucernarian

    I read the claim review, and it indulges in quite a bit of overreach. I agree that the India "experience" and making pro-ivermectin conclusions from it are a form of Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, but the fact "checker" goes way too far and seems to declare that it could not be possible. It doesn't address the simultaneous use of "lockdown" in tandem with treatment regime changes, nor the state-level nature of healthcare and ordinances.

    It's a "more research needed" situation, but the claim has not been falsified unlike what the "fact" checker claims in the limited piece, more statistics and data are needed to do that.

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    The whole "nobody is promoting Ivermectin because it's off patent" doesn't stand up to a moment's scrutiny when you consider major countries like the UK investigated and re-purposed off patent dexamethasone for covid treatments.

    Now I don't know if Ivermectin is an effective prophylactic or not, but it stands or falls on its own merits, not the above argument which has no foundation. Ivermectin as a treatment when investigated was not effective.

    The more mundane answer is that efforts at prevention were focused on vaccines, and you'd be a fool to rely on Ivermectin versus vaccines based on presently available information.

    "To follow knowledge like a sinking star..." (Tennyson's Ulysses)