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Google Pixel 4A for €199 on Vodafone - No need to switch number



  • Had my phone cancelled also, not informed, was told when I rang "there was an error", asked what it was and why they didn't email but told me they had no more info. Honesly, you'd think in 2021 that Vodafone could manage an online shopping system.

  • Sorry that wasn't clear, I reordered when webchat told me it had been cancelled. Got the phone in 2 days. I used the same name, address, phone no and burner 48 sim as the first effort.

  • Phone arrived Saturday. Great find by the OP.

    It did take 2 attempts to order. First time I managed to switch networks but my browser crashed before I could complete the purchase - I can't blame vf for the latter but to process the SIM switch when it was clearly an attempt at purchasing a phone package was bad form. I had transferred my 48 number but had no new phone. Not an ideal situation to find yourself in if you didn't already have an unlocked phone.

    That delayed things by about a week as I (or should I say my alias) had to order a new burner sim. I wasn't sure if they'd replace my original SIM so set up a new account just to be sure. Any suggestions on highly profitable undertakings for my bundle of burner Sims greatly appreciated 🤪

    Long story short, even if you're planning on porting your number you might be better off using a burner sim regardless, unless you've already unlocked your phone.

  • I pursued the Vodafone ordering issues as far as I could with them.

    Essentially what is happening is their offshore credit check team are reviewing all the online orders. They are cancelling anything that they think has "missing information" – even though every grain of information asked for has been provided. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or existing customer, there are people offshore manually reviewing each order. If they decide to cancel it, they will – no reason needs to be provided and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Customer just has to wait 5 to 7 days for the funds to be released.

    If things go wrong - as they did for me in April where phone eventually shipped but was then lost in post - don't spend too much time dealing with Vodafone because it is honestly not worth the hassle. Speak to your bank and ask for a refund.

    Vodafone are a dysfunctional organisation due to extreme offshoring of staff across many areas. I would strongly recommend either avoiding entirely or purchasing in store where possible.

  • After about 5 cancelled orders, I was able to order in store (as advised by the social media team) and then they called me to get my bank details so they could give me a refund of the 100 euro. I also had to buy 20 euro credit when buying in store though, I tried my luck to get that refunded too so let's see.

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  • Their customer support teams are some of the worst I’ve had to deal with in recent years. They are not capable of free thinking – if the option is not on their screen, they cannot help you. Plus how can all the negative customer feedback not be noticed and then investigated properly? I took it as far as I could, but it sounds like that was a waste of time because issues remain.

    Simple things like sending an email to a customer about an order getting cancelled should be easily fixed but remain broken for months if not longer.

    As a business, I also cannot understand how someone in their sales management team does not see an issue. Huge numbers of *payment approved* orders cancelled for no valid reason.

    Anyways, I think they’re beyond useless. Not worth the grief regardless of the bargain.

  • Yeah, you are right. It is ridiculous. I think for future bargains like this, I will be doing a take it or leave it approach. I will order, if it goes through, great, if it doesn't then I won't be trying to order multiple times and trying to follow up on twitter. Not worth the hassle.

  • Being there done that...the headache of chasing up orders when cancelled is a proper pain..

  • Yes total headache... even though I got the pixel 3a offer last time I still wouldn't bother with trying anymore

  • Is this offer still available and if not will it be back?

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  • Existing Vodafone Customers - Get €100 off the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G when you upgrade your device on Vodafone Pay as you go

    Follow the link provided via the Wrkit platform and select if you are a new Vodafone customer who wants to switch to Pay as you go to access the switching offer, or if you are an existing Vodafone Pay as you go customer to access the upgrade offer.

    Choose your preferred device and add to your basket.

    Input your voucher code in the basket before checking out to get your discount.

    Full terms and conditions apply.

    Discount code: VFW34

    have not tired it myself but might suit some people who dont want to switch a sim

  • Is this phone unlocked ?

  • Yes

  • there's more detailed T&C's , but the important part is :

    3.         Eligible customers who avail of this Offer will be given the following Offer benefit options:

    a.          If they are moving to Vodafone Pay As You Go from another mobile operator; they will receive a €100 discount off either the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, or a €100 discount off the TCL20 SE; OR,

    b.         If they are an existing Vodafone Pay As You Go customers who is upgrading their handset; they will receive a €100 discount off the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

     The Offer may only be availed of between 6th September – 31st October 2021 only. Eligible customers are Wrkit members who (i) have received a unique discount code from Wrkit; and, (ii) who switch their mobile number to Vodafone Pay As You Go from another network or who upgrade their handset on Vodafone Pay As You Go, using the Vodafone online sales channel at

    basically - TCL20 SE for 40 quid after discount ; 64GB storage, 4Gb ram , 6.82' screen , 5000mAh battery

  • @go4it

    I'm confused by your post. The TCL20 seems to be 249.99 normally and 149.99 after discount? Where are you getting 40 quid on the Wrkit deals?

  • 'SE' version is a lower spec , hence the 140 price ( lower spec then TCL20 ) ; Wrkit code takes 100 off, remaining 40 quid for a brand new dual sim phone

  • I can't find it. Can you screensht please?

    It's 249.99 and then the code goes in and it becomes 149.99. I don't see where you get 140 or 40 from.

    I'm looking at the TCL 20 SE as a new VF PAYG customer using the VFW12 code.

  • good deals to be had from time to time, although shopping online with vodafone it's not always seamless ( some say it's done on purpose, to deter masses taking advantage )

    vdf website ->apply VFW12 code -> enter eircode, and confirm the eircode found address

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  • It's not there. It's the wrong phone showing up in the offer it seems. It's showing as €249 minus €100 but there is no TCL phone priced at €249 on the site.... the 20 SE is €139 normally and the 20 5G is €259 normally.

  • So just to clarify, which (if any) of the wrkit phones are unlocked?

    The Samsung a22 5g?

    The TCL 20 SE?

    The xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g?

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  • TCL 20SE has a vf and a tesco sim , working fine ( dual sim dual standby ) . the other phones could be unlocked too, but i haven't tested

  • I've tried so many ways to try and get an order to go through and none have worked (Eir sim) - Manually typing two addresses, entering two Eircodes and confirming they are correct and even trying the open to collect the phone from a store, all have been a no go.

    In the order confirmation emails the Billing address shows up as 'Please enter your address, Dublin, 000000' every time. These are good offers but not worth the suffering to keep trying to order it, fair play to whoever manages to get an order through!

  • Is the Pixel 4A gone from Vodafone?

    Looking to get it for my mother and I don't see it online anymore

  • anyone else having issues with all the app disappearing and having to restart the phone to get the app icons back?

    On the pixel 4A

  • All Google phones recently removed from Vodafone.

  • Interesting, I've got this about 4 or 5 times over the past two weeks on an 18 month old pixel 3A, never a problem previously and was rock solid. Wonder if the last Android update screwed it up.

  • Anyone aware of similar deals for the 4a around the 200e mark? Is it still a good phone for 200e or would you get something else?

  • The phone is discontinued. It is sold out almost everywhere except for a few in stock with Google themselves (for 389). You'll do well to find it brand new for under 300 now, nevermind 200.

  • Only "issue" I get an odd time is notification sound but no notification.

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  • I having the odd touch responsive issue. I first thought it was a game I was playing, but it seems to happen (very rarely) on any app or even on home screen. It happens enough to be annoying. Was trying to hang up yesterday and couldn't.