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  • Only this last year I have been assaulted TWICE. One time in January and one time in June. Both the times I understood they were irish, and both the times the gardai could not help me with the culprits/to find the culprits . I started developing PTSD (please don't make fun/sarcasm about my situation)

  • I don't think anyone is making fun of you.

    I was born and raised in Dublin City centre and still work right in the city centre as does my wife and most of my family , it's particularly annoying when there's constant monologues from same people about how bad Dublin is .

    Dublin has it problems , just like any city of its size , it has an abundance of of good points .

    Where are you from ?

  • People dismiss it because they don't want to face the reality, which is there are too many people within a confined area with behavioural problems. This reality is at odds with how they see Dublin and themselves, so of course they are going to dismiss it.

    Facing up to it means asking uncomfortable questions about :

    • Where we are as a people, culturally speaking.
    • How our public administration operates.

  • Why don’t you accept that people who came here are having problems?

    Your experience may not be the same as hers. Or you’ve learned to tolerate behaviours that others find upsetting or dangerous.

  • Why did you quote him saying "Dublin has it problems" and ask why people can't accept there are problems?

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  • There's this cohort who just want anyone living here to throw their hands up and say ok ok it's the worst most dangerous place in Europe if not the world.

    It has its problems, it has the same Irish problems elsewhere in the country (poor planning, car reliance, terrible public transport, addiction issues, crime) but they are magnified in Dublin as it's the most populous place. I actually think much of the anti Dublin stuff you get is a form of self loathing.

  • I find it funny how people go on about Dublin being intolerant of foreigners. You have racists in this country mostly stemming from ignorance. You will find these people all around Ireland. The country folk are not immune and often worse as they have no exposure outside their own parish. Was in a bar in some backwater with my two American friends. Some locals decided to tell us all the issues with the USA which was incredibly insulting. Let them ramble on and eventually told them I was from Dublin and that nobody asked for their opinions.

    Friend moved from London moved to Meath and the locals gave him a hard time and his kids too. He just had an English accent but they treated his family like outsiders. Rather live in Dublin where it is occasionally racist rather than all the time.

  • I've witnessed two racists incidents in Dublin. One was in the Jervis car with a car valet worker being abused and called the N word by a Cork GAA supporter after being asked not to park in a no parking area. The second was a group of Mayo supporters racially abusing a Chinese restaurant owner after she asked them to clean their Supermac rubbish from her window ledge.

    I think the worst one was that Kerry fella that abused and punched a black taxi driver in Dublin.

    You see we have everyone from everywhere here in Dublin. The city needs to retain it's taxes and invest in itself. Less sending money out to build motorways and more retaining money to improve the capital.

  • jaysus. Seriously. I have no problems with Dublin myself but guess what, I’m Irish and white and live in the suburbs. I’m in there in the daytime mostly

    The op was hardly biased before she came here. She’s pointing out real problems that she faces. Another poster was attacked twice this year. Something is up.

  • you are turning this into a culchie vs Dublin thing, which it isn’t. Not for the most part.

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  • Just pointing out that Dublin has to deal with everyone.

  • I think their problems are deeper than me making an observation , I'd guess it's the realisation that whatever part of the city they chose to live is probably not for the faint hearted and blaming the whole city of the Dublin is a way of venting.

  • "Yeah reminds me of old news reports when some residents living in Moyross and Southill would defend their estates to the end despite the reality. 'Lovely place, lovely people' and all that to a backdrop of burned out cars and feral kids."

    Unfortunately we live in propaganda-driven reality and there is material on youtube from thejournal (!) where social housing residents praise living in the area if you're good in football or fist-fighting :(((( I know thejournal is leftist journal but it shows how self-assured propagandists got.

  • Everyone has acknowledged there's a problem, it's not as bad as you're making it out to be, you admit you rarely visit the city centre, but you're typing all about it here and putting up links from other people. What exactly do you want done about it? What are you doing about it?

  • OK, understood, great post. I think everyone knows there's a problem. Everyone knows Dublin has been neglected and the pandemic has hit the capital harder than anywhere else in the country.

    The city has to start investing in itself big time.

  • The **** sensationalist nonsense on this thread. I'm in town all the time as are many people I know, no one is being attacked by feral youths. This is like the Joe Duffy show, bunch of moaning aul ones.

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  • Hundreds of thousands of people are in Dublin city centre every day and go about their business and have zero incidents.

    Yes they're have been some issue but it does not mean it's endemic.

    It's just sensationalism by anti Dublin people, the majority of whom never go to Dublin,

    Two years they were saying not to go to Dublin because of gangland shootings and now it's ferral youths and random attacks.

  • No one is denying there's a heroin and homeless problem, I feel really bad for those people and how their lives turned out, but I wouldn't let it get to you too much. But it doesn't really make the place "unlivable" does it? There are what 1.5 million people in the Dublin area who live perfectly safe lives. There are some incidents yes, this could be sorted with government intervention and more police and better services for addicts and homeless people.

    That probably isn't happening any time soon because this is Ireland after all.

    What do you think the Irish Government should do to resolve the issues that you are so concerned with?

    Would you vote for a party promising to pump a load of money into Dublin city centre? Because I would imagine most of the country wouldn't.

  • Now that is an exaggeration. When I worked on Abbey Street for 2 years it didn't take long to recognise who was who. They are very territorial about who goes where. There is about 100 total in the city centre (canals) and they don't gather in mass numbers. You can tell time by where they are. Yes there should be something done about these groups but our laws an constitution don't make that easy. Feral GAA fans have caused me more issues for me than the junkies and they are in the 1000s. They don't seem to understand how to cross the roads with traffic, everything seems to be a once off with little regard to the locals who have to put up with them.

  • Government should take away the ability of councils to discount property tax. If you live in a 600k house or whatever you can afford the property tax. If you can't, move somewhere cheaper.

    At the moment we are listening how there are no public toilets and how it's too expensive to pay for rubbish management. For whatever reason well maintained areas discourage bad behaviour. If place gives the impression that nobody gives a damn then it attracts people who thrive in that.

  • GAA fans visiting Dublin are the worst. Littering, defecating, urinating, speeding in cars and not knowing how to behave properly. But, it's not an every day event, we welcome them and clean up after them.

  • Well why are we sending local property tax to prop up other county councils around Ireland if Dublin seems to need the money the most? Makes no sense to me.

  • Because you live closest to amenities and have higher earnings. I'm not overly fussed one way or the other but when the richest part of the country cuts property tax then you have problems. It shows councilors prefer to buy voters with few extra tenners or hundreds of euro instead of actually trying to make city more attractive.

  • I was in Blackrock and Dun Laoighaire last night, the streetscaping and just general tidiness and how they look after the place is just a world apart from where I live on the Northside and most of the city centre.

    Is that just because DLR council get loads more money to spend on the area because houses are so dear in that part of South Dublin?

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  • Maybe it's because the locals complain when things are not done and they don't just accept no for an answer. There will be always less nice and more nice areas but when city centre which is supposed to be prime location is filthy you have problems. That is on council or Dublin management.