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Worried about elderly neighbour - any advice?



  • this is definitely something he would love but mayb further down the line - need to get him back to baseline 1st i'd say.. must check if they are even back up n running - I am sure there is one in this area.. its almost city centre

  • Had a quick look, and you’re right, the Men’s Sheds are closed right now. But I don’t know if he needs a reset first - obviously you know the man, and I don’t, but I know a friends Dad found it just brilliant. He went very downhill after his wife died, very withdrawn and shutting himself off, his kids visiting more but he’d no interest in engaging.

    The Sheds really gave him a new lease of life. He ended up having so many activities that he was directly involved in, or through friends from the Sheds, that my friend used to have to arrange a time to see him when he was free, which was a total turnaround. So I wouldn’t put off suggesting that until your neighbour is a bit more centred. It could be the nudge that he needs. The website says that they’re campaigning to reopen in Sept.

    (excellent suggestion from Darc, I’d forgotten about it until that post)